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People sit down to snack on strange food combinations all the time ... like chocolate and french fries or pretzels and ice cream. But in a way, these unusual combos aren't all that odd -- they satisfy the cravings we get for salty and sweet.

A candy company named after an English philosopher has found a niche for itself by adding what ingredient to its sweets?

Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle has added -- you guessed it -- bacon to peanut brittle, an otherwise sweet treat. The brittle packs salty, savory, and sweet into a single bite.


Restaurant owner and former TV show contestant Richard Blais is known for his innovative cooking techniques. What unusual flavor does he have on his milkshake menu?

For an extra $3 you can turn your American milkshake into a French delicacy.


Hot dogs are synonymous with beer and baseball games. What wine works well with this inexpensive summertime staple?

A Shake Shack manager in New York recommends pairing a Riesling and a hot dog topped with relish and hot peppers.


Chocolate can cover pretty much anything and taste great. According to the LA Times, cutting edge pastry chefs are incorporating what Japanese ingredient in their chocolate?

Surprisingly, chefs say the bitter green tea powder works well with any kind of chocolate.


Chocolate, caramel and cinnamon are all common coffee additions. In Taiwan, what other ingredient is used to make coffee delicious?

Salt is added to the foam above the coffee so you get a multitude of flavors in a single beverage.


An ice cream shop in Los Angeles combines what expensive ingredient with rosewater to make an innovative ice cream?

Saffron isn't limited to savory dishes like paella. Mashti Malone's blends saffron, rosewater and pistachios for a luxurious ice cream.


Spice company McCormick predicts this flavor combination will be popular in 2009:

The spice manufacturer thinks root beer and toasted sesame go great together.


Pret A Manger, a New York City and London based company, created the Coronation Chicken sandwich to pack sweet and savory together for on-the-go customers. Aside from chicken salad, what other ingredient goes into this sandwich?

Mango chutney, curry and almonds create a surprisingly harmonious sandwich.


GSB Flavor Creators designs -- you guessed it -- new flavors. What nut and beer combination does the company say will be a hit?

Hazelnut goes well with coffee, so why not try hazelnuts and beer?


What cherry drink does celebrity chef Tom Colicchio enjoy with his foie gras in cherry sauce?

Colicchio sipped a cherry beer while eating foie gras. Who knew foie gras was so versatile?


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