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If everybody had an ocean, across the U.S.A, they'd be too busy building floating bridges to play on silly surfboards. Floating bridges are indispensable tools for spanning areas other bridges can't. Ready to take on our bridge challenge?

What other name do floating bridges commonly go by?

They will float your boat -- and bridges, too! They're pontoons, watertight vessels used for boats and types of construction.


What was the first modern floating bridge in the United States to fail due to a severe storm?

Perhaps the first words spoken as the Hood Canal Bridge sank: "Um, guys, did someone leave the watertight hatch open on that pontoon? Uh oh."


What is the longest floating bridge in the world?

It's kind of an awkward name for a bridge that's in an awkward and congested area. The Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge -- Evergreen Point is the world's longest.


How long is the Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge -- Evergreen Point?

It was a distance that no traditional bridge could span. At 1.4 miles this floating bridge is an engineering marvel.


What year was the Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge -- Evergreen Point Bridge completed?

Finished in 1963, it was a counterculture bridge before it was cool to be counterculture.


What's one major reason Washington is replacing the Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge -- Evergreen Point Bridge?

Hard as it may be to believe, engineers didn't build this mammoth structure in a way that would help it survive a 20-year storm.


The Sunset Lake Floating Bridge in Vermont was first floated on what kind of pontoons?

Hopefully, they were whisky barrels that were dutifully emptied first. Today, the bridge uses plastic, styrofoam-filled barrels.


Which state in America holds claim to the longest floating pedestrian bridge?

You might get tired of walking before you cross the 1,200-foot (366-meter) length of the Eastbank Esplanade in Portland, Ore.


Which floating bridge uses steel pontoons instead of the more common concrete pontoons?

Steel or no steel, the Demerara Harbour Bridge in Guyana has often lacked consistent maintenance and has been closed several times.


Which portion of a floating bridge is most susceptible to damage from an earthquake?

Is there such a thing as a waterquake? Although the floating parts are generally safe, the land-based approaches can succumb to shaking ground.


How big, in diameter, were the steel cables that broke when the Hood Canal Bridge sank?

What's that saying about Mother Nature always winning in the end? The enormous cables were 3 feet in diameter, yet they still broke.


Why were most ancient floating bridges constructed?

Say you want to conquer a group of people, but they're on the other side of a deep lake or river. What do you do? Build a floating bridge! That's what many ancient military leaders did.


Xerxes set out to conquer Greece, but first his army needed a bridge to cross which body of water?

It literally means "Sea of Hell," and it enraged Xerxes by destroying the first floating bridge his men constructed.


How many boats did Xerxes' men use for the replacement floating bridge?

They needed almost 400 boats to complete the task. And thankfully it worked, so the engineers didn't have their heads lopped off like the first bunch.


Why was the Eastbank Esplanade closed temporarily in 2011?

Water is great; too much is not. High water levels forced the first closure in the bridge's 10-year history.


The Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge is part of which Interstate highway?

This floating bridge is also a critical Interstate route, as part of Interstate 90.


Many owners use what strategy to help pay for the huge expense of floating bridges?

And if you don't pay, they will find you. Many owners designate these as toll bridges until they recoup much of the construction cost.


How much time did engineers need to complete the floating bridge in Dubai?

You want a bridge? We'll build you a bridge -- in 300 days. It was an amazing technological feat.


How long is the Dubai floating bridge?

Its length of 1,181 feet (360 meters) makes its 300-day construction timeline even more amazing.


The Dubai floating bridge is almost brand-new (built in 2007), but it's only temporary. It'll be replaced in 2012 by what bridge?

The name might make you chuckle, but the Smile will have a whopping 12 lanes for massive traffic flow.


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