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Did you realize that your floors are the most heavily used part of your home? Knowing what not to do when buying floors can save you a lot of money. Check out our flooring-don'ts quiz to see what floor mistakes you definitely don't want to make.

In rooms where water spills are common, what type of floor should you avoid?

You should avoid installing hardwood floors in bathrooms and kitchens where spills and splashes are common.


You should select dining room rugs that are large enough. You should leave at least _____inches from the table's edge to the edge of the rug.

Leave at least 36 inches (91.44) centimeters from your dining room table's edge to the edge of your rug so you can pull out your chairs comfortably.


What type of carpet design should you choose for your stairs?

Attempting to match a large-scale pattern when laying carpet on stairs is a waste of time and money.


How can you protect your floor covering from damage during home repairs?

To prevent damage to your floors during home repairs, make sure you cover them before allowing technicians to move heavy appliances or furniture.


What's the best way to prevent tripping over thresholds?

To avoid tripping over your thresholds, choose floor coverings of similar height or thickness for adjoining rooms.


What's the best color carpet for high traffic areas?

Unless you want to clean carpet stains constantly or replace carpet regularly, choose dark color carpets for high-traffic areas.


How much should you spend on flooring for your home?

Your floors are subjected to a lot of everyday wear and tear. Invest in the best floors that you can afford so they will last.


What are some of the hidden charges when buying a new floor covering?

Depending on which floor covering you choose, you might have to add payment for delivery, installation, carpet padding or furniture moving.


What's an easy and practical way to hide carpet stains?

To hide the inevitable carpet stains in high-traffic areas, choose a patterned carpet.


What's the best way to protect stone floors?

To prevent water rings and moisture damage, always use the right type of sealant for your stone floor.


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