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Beautiful floors are the foundation of your home. Even if you can't afford a stick of furniture, start with floors that will look great and last for years. Test your knowledge with this ultimate floors dos quiz.

When buying new carpet, what design concepts should you keep in mind?

When buying new carpet, be open to the latest trends and ideas. Long-pile carpets are back, but with a modern twist.


Before you consider floor covering selections for any room, what should you do first?

Before you jump right in and make a flooring faux pas, carefully consider how you use your room.


What's a great way to use flooring ideas to warm up your bathroom?

Here's two great ideas for keeping your bathroom cozy and warm. Either install radiant heat under the sub floor, or for a less expensive option, add a plush area rug that coordinates with your color scheme.


What's the best way to protect your delicate natural fiber rugs and carpets?

Invest in a good sealant to protect your natural fiber rugs and carpets from stains.


What material works well in high traffic areas?

Try an easy to clean polypropylene runner by the front door or other high traffic areas. They'll help keep your home looking its best.


What's the best way to protect your floors from sun damage?

Protect your valuable floors and carpets with UV (ultraviolet) film applied to windows and get energy saving benefits for the whole house as a bonus.


Which type of ceramic tiles are the safest for your bathroom floor?

Always use tiles that are specially designed for bathroom floors. Never use tiles that are meant for bathroom walls as they are too slippery.


When shopping for new flooring for your home, what should you always bring to the store?

Make sure to bring paint, fabric and wallpaper samples to the store when you are shopping for new flooring so you can be sure you are making the best choices for your home.


Which of the following carpet fabrics are the least problematic for people with allergies?

Are you both an allergy sufferer and carpet lover? Choose natural fiber floor coverings, such as sisal, coir, seagrass and abacca for your floors.


What factors should you consider when getting a price quote for new flooring ?

When getting price quotes for new flooring, make sure they compare the same quality of elements like carpet padding or tile grout. Ask about any charges for extras.


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