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Installing a fluorescent light is within the capability of nearly everybody, assuming you haven't got two left thumbs. Check out your knowledge of fluorescent light installation with this quiz and see how bright you are!

What are some of the advantages of fluorescent lighting?

Fluorescent lighting is efficient and offers shadow-free illumination, making it in these respects better than incandescent lighting.


In terms of temperature, how does fluorescent lighting compare with incandescent lighting?

With fluorescent lighting, the bulb stays cool. This is in contrast to incandescent lighting whereby the bulb gives off heat.


How does a current flow within a fluorescent light?

The current starts at the left-hand prong, flows through the ballast and filaments and flows out through the right-hand prong.


What is the function of the ballast?

The ballast is a small part that adjusts the current flow and keeps it flowing at the correct rate once the bulb is glowing.


When you deenergize (switch off) the fixture, what closes?

The starter closes whenever you deenergize the fixture.


In a fluorescent light with three tubes, how many starters and ballasts will there be?

For every tube in a fluorescent fixture, there'll always be one starter and one ballast. So for three tubes, you'll have three of each.


How do you know when a fluorescent light is beginning to age?

You know when it begins to age if you notice that it flickers, flashes on and off or grows dimmer.


What damage could repeated flickering cause?

If a fluorescent light flickers repeatedly, it could wear out the starter.


How do you remove the old fluorescent bulb?

It's all in the wrist motion. You simply twist it out of its socket.


How do you know which starter to use when you replace the old one?

Starters differ according to their wattage. Make sure the starter you use has the same wattage as the one you're replacing.


Which of these components is the hardest to replace?

The ballast is by far the hardest to replace. On the positive side, it's the least likely component to fail.


What's the first step if you want to replace the switch?

The first step, and the most vital one, is to deenergize the circuit. Either trip the circuit or remove that fuse till you've finished.


How is the switch usually connected to the fluorescent tube?

The switch is usually connected to the tube through wires fastened with wirenuts.


Under what circumstances is it wise to consider changing an entire fixture?

If you have to replace either the ballast or switch, it might be wise to consider changing the whole fixture, because it might be too aged anyway.


When fixing a fluorescent light, what is meant by removing the "old hardware"?

You remove the old hardware by taking away any part that's currently holding the fixture.


In order to access the fixture wires of a new fluorescent lamp, what can you do?

The best plan of action is to disassemble the lamp as much as you need in order to get into those tricky parts.


What do you use to connect the fixture wires to the line wires?

You can either use crimp-type solderless connectors or wirenuts -- but don't use small nuts or electrical tape.


How do you determine what screws you need to install the new fixture?

Just use the screws that came with the new fixture -- no hassle.


When do you reassemble the new fixture?

Well, that depends. Some fixtures will require reassembling before you mount them while others, afterward.


Is it safe to restore the power once you've installed a new fixture?

You bet! As soon as you've followed the instructions for proper installation, you're ready to restore the power. Go for it!


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