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The effects of fluoride are hotly debated. But what do you know about fluoride and the real facts behind the debate? Find out with this quiz.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral, composed of fluorine and a metal.

Where was fluoride first added to community drinking water?

Fluoride was first added to water supplies in Michigan, in 1965.

What is one symptom of dental fluorosis?

Dental fluorosis occurs with excessive amounts of fluoride. Stained or pitted teeth are signs of fluorosis.

When should children begin using fluoride toothpaste?

Dentists generally recommend children use fluoride toothpaste after the age of 2 to lower early exposure to fluoride.

What percentage of the United States population has optimally fluoridated water?

In 2008, the CDC said 72% of drinking water is optimally fluoridated in the United States.

Where is fluoride present?

Fluoride naturally occurs in water, food, and even our air.

How can fluoride be removed from water?

Removing fluoride from water can't be done with most home filters that are charcoal based, and boiling will not remove fluoride. Reverse osmosis or distillation is the most common method of removal.

What major medical group opposes fluoridiation?

All major medical and dental organizations recommend fluoridating water at optimal levels.

When ingested at high levels over a long period, what harm does fluoride present?

Skeletal fluorosis, or a change in the structure of the bones, can occur when individuals are exposed to high concentrations of fluoride over a long term.

When does exposure to fluoride most likely lead to dental fluorosis?

Dental fluorosis develops when the first teeth are just beginning to form, so before the age of six.

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