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Just throw in some veggies and turn it on -- simple, right? Just how much do you know about the pulsing, chopping, blending and pureeing that your food processor can do? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of this versatile kitchen appliance.

What does a food processor do?

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that help you prepare foods in many ways. It can slice, chop, shred, grind and more.


When was the food processor introduced to North America?

The food processor was introduced to the North American market in 1973, having been adapted from a French industrial blender.


Who invented the home version of the food processor?

Engineer Carl Sontheimer started a revolution in cooking by inventing the home food processor.


Which three standard sizes do food processors come in?

The sizes are customarily known as mini, compact and full, but their basic components are the same: a motor, a bowl with a lid and attachments.


Why is the base of the food processor so heavy?

A heavy base ensures that the appliance is stable and doesn't move around while it is operating -- but let's hope thieves won't steal it anyway!


What's the capacity of a full-size food processor bowl?

Food processers with a full-size bowl usually have a capacity of 9-13 cups (2-3 liters). Some models can accommodate different size bowls on the same base.


What is another name for the S-shaped blade that comes with the food processor?

The sabatier blade is comprised of two small curved blades that rotate at the bottom of the bowl. This S-shaped blade is standard in all food processors.


Where should the shredding and slicing discs be in the bowl?

The shredding and slicing discs operate at the top of the bowl. You can select different discs, depending on how fine or coarse you want your food to be.


The julienne disc cuts food into what shape?

A julienne disc has a row of short, sharp protruding teeth that cut food into long, thin sticks.


A french fry disc is similar to a julienne disc but with what difference?

A french fry disc makes larger, fatter pieces than a julienne disc. Not coincidentally, this size is perfect for making fries.


What does the egg whip attachment look like?

The egg whip attachment has two straight arms and large open paddles; it's used for creating fluffy egg whites and whipped cream.


What does pulsing your food do?

Using the pulse feature of the food processor turns the motor on and off quickly, grinding the food for brief moments.


Why is pulsing such an important food processing technique?

Pulsing allows you to pay close attention to the texture of your food, so it can be exactly the way you want it.


What can you do if food gets stuck on the edges of the bowl?

Adding a little liquid helps food to move around easier within the bowl, and when the motor is off, you can use a small spatula to scrape food toward the blades.


What is the shredding disc best used for?

The shredding disc efficiently grates cheese, carrots, potatoes and countless other ingredients. For juicing oranges and lemons, you'll find the citrus juicer attachment more appropriate, and pureeing is best done using the S-shaped blade.


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