The Foods and Drinks that Contribute to a Toothless Grin

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Not every food or drink is bad for your pearly whites. So do you think you know what foods are good and what aren't for your molars? Test your knowledge to see if you know what's best with our quiz.

Which beverage contains as much sugar as a candy bar?

Vitamin water has about 26 grams of sugar --- equal to or above the amound of sugar found in candy bars.


Why is Vitamin A necessary for the teeth?

Vitamin A is essential to forming tooth enamel


The sugar in which of these fruits is notorious for sticking to your teeth?

Raisins are dried grapes, and the drying process allows the sugar to build up and the texture to become gummy.


What teeth are named this because they emerge later in life?

Wisdom teeth tend to appear in your late teens or early 20s.


What can you do after drinking a soft drink to remove residue from your teeth?

Water removes the soda residue from teeth and lessens the exposure to acids.


A 12 oz (355 ml) can of Coca-Cola has about how many grams of sugar?

There are 39 grams of sugar in a Coca-Cola. The USDA recommends you consume no more than 48 grams of sugar per day.


Munching on which of these foods after eating sticky candy helps clean the teeth of sugary residue?

Consuming crisp fruits and vegetables after eating sticky candy helps clean sugar off of the teeth.


Cavities are the most common chronic disease among which of these individuals?

Children are more prone to cavities than adults and the elderly.


Which of these foods clings to your teeth the most and is most likely to cause tooth decay?

Your favorite bowl of ice cream is most apt to cause tooth decay.


Which of these foods could potentially crack your tooth?

Hard objects hidden in soft foods, like non-pitted olives, can be dangerous for your teeth. If you're not aware of it, you might bite down too hard.


One out of every number of these beverages consumed in the United States is a soft drink?

One out of every four beverages consumed in the U.S. is a soft drink. That's a lot!


Which dairy product without added sugar helps stimulate salvia?

Cheese without added sugar is good for stimulating salvia, which is beneficial for teeth.


Which vitamin is essential for collagen?

Vitamin C is essential for collagen which protects the gums from periodontal disease.


Which drinks contain polyphenols, which are great for killing or surpressing bacteria harmful to teeth?

Polyphenols are found in green and black teas.


Which beverage is bad for tooth enamel?

Wine is acidic, so drinking a glass of red isn't the best option for your teeth.


True or False: Sucking on citrus fruits is NOT bad for the teeth

Sucking on citrus fruits is bad because the acids present can weaken tooth enamel.


True or False: Water can be used as a mouthwash

Rinsing your mouth with water is an great alternative to mouthwash


Why are fiber rich fruit and vegetables good for teeth?

Fiber-rich foods help clean your teeth of food particles; plus they stimulate saliva production.


What length of time should you wait to eat between meals and snacks?

It's best to wait 2 to 3 hours between meals to give saliva a chance to repair tooth enamel


True or False: Drinking frequent cups of sugar-filled tea or coffee increases the risks of tooth decay

Coffee interferes with saliva production, causing dry mouth, and the sugar clings to your teeth.


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