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For some reason, roadside food always seems to taste better. Food-on-the-go, from American staples such as hotdogs to ethnic delicacies such as falafel, has a long history. Take this quiz to learn more about your roadside food favorites.

What is the oldest type of street food?

Fresh berries, pumpkins, and corn on the cob -- fruits and vegetable vendors along the side of the road have stood the test of time.


Where can you find fruit and vegetable stands in an urban city?

Today, you can find the equivalent of "side-of-the-road" fresh produce at farmer's markets, which typically boast cheaper prices and fresher food than your local grocery store.


What is a common Middle Eastern roadside food?

Easy to eat while walking, falafel is a hand-held meal all rolled up in a pita.


Falafel consists of:

Falafel is made from ground up chick peas, rolled up with spices and deep fried in a ball form.


Falafel is commonly eaten by:

Falafel may have originated from Egyptian Christians. Today, Middle Eastern Christians during lent and Israelis eat this yummy dish by the barrel.


The hard shell taco originates from:

The soft shell taco is traditionally Mexican, whereas the hard shell taco, akin to nachos, is American in origin.


The all-American hotdog was first introduced in:

The hotdog has been around for a long time now, first originating in the 1860s. The hotdog is argued to be a true American food.


Where did the hotdog originate in the United States?

A vendor on Coney Island by the name of Charles Feltman arguably invented the hotdog by putting sausage in a bun.


The soft shell pretzel calls ___________ home.

Although the soft shell pretzel is very popular among New Yorkers, this road side food actually originates in Pennsylvania.


What is the shape of a pretzel supposed to look like?

The pretzel dates back to a seventh century Monk who designed the shape. The shape represents someone crossing their arms in prayer.


The word pretzel originates from:

The word pretzel originates from the Latin word "pretiola," which means "little bribe."


Traditional barbeque is made with:

Traditional road-side barbeque is supposed to be slow-cooked, pulled pork, covered with sauce or dry spices.


How long does it take to smoke meat in a barbeque?

Slow-cooked, smoked meat is truly a delicacy and can take 4 to 16 hours to cook.


When was the Philly cheesesteak invented?

In the 1930s, tired of hotdogs, two Philadelphia vendors invented the Philly cheesesteak.


The Philly cheesesteak was originally known as a:

The original Philly cheesesteak didn't actually have cheese. It's original name was "steak-wit," short for steak with onions.


What is the name of the original Philly cheesesteak restaurant?

The original Philly cheesesteak restaurant, called Pat's King of Steaks, became highly successful. It's direct rival, called Geno's Steaks, is located across the street.


French fries originate from:

French fries are actually not of French origin. French fries originate from Belgium. In fact, the national dish of Belgium is fries and mussels.


Cinnamon buns originate from:

The gooey sweet goodness of cinnamon buns originate from Philadelphia with Dutch roots.


What household desert has now turned gourmet?

Cupcakes, a household desert staple, are now being sold in various gourmet bakeries with decadent toppings.


The ice cream truck was first introduced in:

The ice cream truck dates back to the turn of the 20th century. The Eskimo bar, invented 10 years later, became an ice cream vendor staple.


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