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The Super Bowl often doesn't live up to its immense hype. But once in a while, the biggest game in pro sports features unforgettable moments that wind up in football lore. How much do you know about the greatest moments in Super Bowl history?

In Super Bowl XLII, Giants receiver David Tyree caught a spectacular pass by pinning the ball to which part of his body?

Eli Manning lofted a desperation pass into triple coverage and Tyree pinned the ball against his helmet before crashing to the ground. The play helped New York beat the previously undefeated Patriots.


In the 2015 Super Bowl, what did the Patriots' Malcolm Butler do near the end of the game?

Butler was a rookie CB who wasn't even drafted, but as Seattle threatened to score, he picked off a Russell Wilson pass in the end zone to help New England put away the game.


Just prior to making that famous interception, what did Butler do?

Moments prior to his game-breaking interception, Butler had allowed Seattle's Jerome Kearse to make an amazing 33-yard catch that kept the Seahawk's hopes alive. Then, with his incredible pick, Butler crushed them.


What happened on the first play from scrimmage of Super Bowl XLVIII, which featured the Broncos versus the Seahawks?

On the very first play, a bad snap flew over Peyton Manning's head and into the end zone for a safety. Seattle then blazed to a 43-8 victory.


At the end of Super Bowl XXXVIII, Carolina tied New England with just over a minute to go. Then what did Panthers player John Kasay do?

Panthers kicker John Kasay followed up Carolina's game-tying score by sending the kickoff out of bounds … which gave the Patriots great field position. Six quick plays later, the Patriots kicked a field goal to win.


In the 2010 Super Bowl, the Saints were trailing the Colts at halftime. What play did the Saints make to begin the second half?

The Saints made a gutsy call by performing a successful (and totally surprising) onside kick. They then scored a TD and made enough plays to keep the Colts at bay.


Which team won the so-called "Blackout Bowl," a Super Bowl that was delayed by a long power outage?

In 2013, the game was delayed for more than 30 minutes due to a partial power outage. The Ravens won the game over the 49ers.


Before the blackout, by how many points were the Ravens leading the 49ers?

Baltimore was up 28-6, but the break energized the 49ers, who roared back in the second half, cutting the deficit to 5 points. Baltimore barely held on at the very end, 34-31.


Buffalo's Scott Norwood is infamous for missing a 47-yard field goal at the end of Super Bowl XXV, allowing which team to win?

With just 4 seconds left, Norwood barely missed his field goal attempt. His near-miss allowed the Giants to win 20-19.


Redskins player John Riggins was named MVP of Super Bowl XVII for which feat?

Riggins, nicknamed "Diesel," had an incredible 38 rushing attempts that went for 166 yards. One play was a powerful 43-yard TD run that gave Washington its first lead over the Dolphins.


Cowboys defensive lineman Larry Cole knocked which legendary QB out of Super Bowl X?

As time wound down in Super Bowl X, Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw backed up and launched a 64-yard TD pass but was blasted by Cole. Bradshaw was knocked out of the game but his last pass put the Steelers up for good.


How did Bradshaw react to the amazing TD pass he threw just before being knocked out of the game?

Bradshaw took a severe blow to the head and completely dazed after the play. It wasn't until the medical staff spoke with him in the locker room that he realized he'd thrown a TD pass.


Which QB threw six TD passes in the Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XXIX, 49ers QB Steve Young was desperately trying to live up to the legend of his predecessor, Joe Montana. He threw for a record 6 TD passes and 325 yards as San Francisco beat the Chargers, 49-26.


Which receiver was the hero of the 2009 Super Bowl between the Steelers and the Cardinals?

The Cardinals scored the go-ahead TD with just two and half minutes left, but the Steelers charged down the field. With 35 seconds on the clock, Pittsburgh's Santonio Holmes caught a highlight-reel pass for the go-ahead score, giving the Steelers an exciting win.


The Steeler's James Harrison made a huge play during that same 2009 Super Bowl. What did he do?

Harrison intercepted a wayward pass from Cardinals QB Kurt Warner and returned it 100 yards for a TD. To that point, it was the longest play in Super Bowl history.


What did the Patriots defense do at the end of Super Bowl XLVI versus the Giants?

As the clock wound down, the Giants were inside New England's 10-yard line … so the Patriots allowed them to score. New England hoped to get the ball back and then score quickly, but their plan failed and the Giants won 21-17.


Which QB famously guaranteed a Super Bowl victory?

Before the 1969 Super Bowl, Jets QB Joe Namath promised that his team would beat the favored Colts. He backed up his bold words by leading the Jets to a 16-7 victory.


By how many points were the Colts favored to beat the Jets in Super Bowl III?

The Colts were favored by an incredible 18 points and lost to Namath and the Jets. It's still considered one of the biggest upsets in NFL history.


Joe Namath guaranteed victory against the Colts. How many TD passes did he throw?

Namath completed 17 of 28 passes … but none of them went for TDs. He was still named the game's MVP for his leadership under fire. The Jets scored just one TD during the course of the entire game.


With his team trailing at the end of the Super Bowl, which QB entered the huddle, looked into the stands and asked, "Isn't that John Candy?"

Montana was joking, of course. His silliness in a pressure-packed moment helped keep his team loose. The 49ers then mounted a 92-yard drive to beat the Bengals.


In 1996, the Cowboys' Larry Brown became the first player at his position to win Super Bowl MVP. What position did he play?

Brown was a 12th-round cornerback, but he showed his worth by making two interceptions in the second half versus the Steelers. His second pick set up a Cowboys TD that sealed the Dallas win.


In Super Bowl XIII, Cowboys backup TE Jackie Smith was responsible for one memorable play. What did he do?

The Cowboys were scrambling to keep up with the Steelers when QB Roger Staubach found Smith wide open in the end zone. Smith was perhaps too wide open -- he dropped the pass -- and in the end, the Cowboys lost the game.


Kicker Adam Vinateri nailed a field goal to win Super Bowl XXXVI, an act that marked the beginning of a dynasty created by which team?

With the game tied, Vinateri kicked a 48-yard field goal as time expired. That 2002 game marked the start of an unprecedented run by the New England Patriots.


Following Super Bowl XXVII against Buffalo, what was Cowboys defensive lineman Leon Lett best known for?

Lett grabbed a fumble and ran it back more than 60 yards … but then began dancing in celebration short of the end zone. A speedy Bills receiver caught up to Lett and knocked the ball out of his hands, an act that served as a lesson in humility.


Colts player Jim O'Brien made the play that helped his team win Super Bowl V over the Cowboys. What position did O'Brien play?

With just 9 seconds left on the clock, O'Brien drove home a 32-yard field goal. The Colts won 16-13 in what was the first truly thrilling Super Bowl.


Which player is responsible for the longest TD play in Super Bowl history?

In Super Bowl XLVII, Baltimore WR Jacoby Jones grabbed the second-half kickoff and raced 108 yards to glory -- it was the longest TD ever in the Super Bowl. He also had a 56-yard TD reception in the win over the 49ers.


In Super Bowl XXXIV, a receiver was tackled just short of the goal line on what would have been a game-tying TD. For which team did he play?

With just 5 seconds remaining, Tennessee QB Steve McNair found wide receiver Kevin Dyson across the middle. Dyson dove for the end zone, but a Rams linebacker cut him down just one yard shy of the score.


Which Rams player made the tackle of Kevin Dyson to seal the victory for St. Louis in Super Bowl XXXIV?

Mike Jones was an undrafted linebacker from Missouri who was in and out of the NFL before he wound up in St. Louis. He stopped Dyson short of the end zone in a play that is now simply known as "The Tackle."


Redskins QB Doug Williams was the first black quarterback to win the Super Bowl. How many TD passes did he throw in Super Bowl XXII?

Williams was sacked early and left the game due to an injury. With his team down 10-0, he returned and launched four TD passes as Washington plastered John Elway's Broncos, 42-10.


Redskins QB Doug Williams was the MVP of Super Bowl XXII. How did he start that season?

Williams was the backup QB for Washington. Starter Jay Schroeder was benched partway through the season for Williams, who then caught fire, leading the underdog Redskins to a Super Bowl victory.


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