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Horse-drawn carriages have their charm, but who really wants to spend all day clip-clopping across town when a car can do it much more quickly? Indeed, society truly owes a debt of gratitude to Henry Ford for helping to propel the modern automobile to the point where it could be made quickly and affordably. Although he wasn’t the world’s first car manufacturer (that honor is debatably bestowed upon Carl Benz, who in 1886 applied for a patent for a “vehicle powered by a gas engine), Ford is credited with taking vehicle production to heights never seen, or probably even imagined, before.

Much of Ford Motor Co.’s history is charmed, but it hasn’t all been sunshine and roses. A number of vehicles unceremoniously flopped in the marketplace, plus escalating prices and industry unrest have left Ford and other major manufacturers struggling to maintain a healthy bottom line. In 2009 Ford managed to sidestep bankruptcy (just barely), unlike fellow auto giants General Motors and Chrysler. They continue to stay in business by trimming the fat in unprofitable areas. In fact, 2018 saw an announcement that the company is phasing out passenger cars (except for two popular models) in North America, in favor of trucks, SUVs and the like. This is ironic, of course, because passenger cars are where the company got its start.

Ford revolutionized manufacturing and helped make Detroit the one-time industrial center of the world. How much do you know about the history of the Ford Motor Co.? Take this quiz to find out.

What year was Ford Motor Co. founded?

Henry Ford built his first automobile in 1896, and in 1903 he launched Ford Motor Co.


In what city did Ford open its first overseas branch?

In 1908, the company opened a branch in Paris, giving the brand a foothold in the European market.


How many investors pitched in when the company was first founded?

Twelve investors joined the venture, and 1,000 shares were divvied up between them, with Ford and Alexander Malcomson getting the lion's share.


How much cash did Henry Ford gather from his first round of investors?

Ford needed every penny of that $28,000 and spent most of it before finally producing his first vehicle.


True or false: Ford Motor Co. was the first automobile company that Henry Ford launched.

His first attempt was called Detroit Automobile Co., which he left after disagreements with investors.


What was the sticker price on the Model K?

At $2,800 it was pricier than some other competing models, but it was also Ford's first six-cylinder model.


What was the first car to feature the Ford logo on an oval badge?

The 1927 Model A was the first to display Ford's trademark oval badge.


True or false: Ford Motor Co. was profitable soon after being founded.

The company's concept worked, and it started raking profits right from the start.


What year did Ford introduce the moving assembly line in order to speed production?

The moving assembly line debuted in 1913. The time needed to build the Model T's chassis dropped from nearly 13 hours to less than two hours, transforming the entire manufacturing world.


In 1914, why did Ford drastically increase worker pay in its factories?

The boring and difficult labor meant too many people were quitting. The increased pay and shorter hours helped turn Ford into a hotly desired workplace.


How many Model T cars did Ford manufacture in 1912?

In the early 20th century, cars were more difficult and time-consuming to build. The company made around 70,000 cars in 1912.


From 1908 to 1927, how many Model T cars did Ford sell?

With around 15 million cars sold, it is still regarded as one of the best-selling cars in history.


What was the first year Ford manufactured more than 1 million cars?

In 1920, less than a decade after starting assembly line production, the company shot from 70,000 to 1 million cars manufactured in a single year.


What was the Ford Model TT?

Introduced in 1917, it was the company's first pickup. It was based on the Model T car.


In which foreign country did Ford first establish its brand?

Henry Ford wasted no time going international, creating Ford Motor Co. of Canada in 1904.


Which Ford car model was introduced for the first time in 1964?

The Mustang, which would become one of the company's most recognized models, was launched in 1964.


How did Ford treat veterans returning from World War I?

Not only did Ford hire disabled veterans, but it also made sure their work environments were accommodating to their special needs.


How much money did Ford lose upon the introduction of the unsuccessful Edsel car?

At a loss of $250 million (in the early 1960s) the car cost too much and was too ugly for American consumers.


Assembly line production temporarily ended which car feature?

Ford initially offered multiple colors, but painting was a challenge in the assembly line environment, meaning that for a time Ford used only black paint.


In Europe, which model replaced the Escort?

In 1998, the Focus replaced the Escort model, which had worn out its welcome.


What did the company introduce in 1932?

The V-8 engine was reliable and powerful, making it one of the most popular engines for decades to come.


Which branch of Ford introduced the Ford Fiesta, a compact car?

The Fiesta was built at a factory in Spain and immediately became a hit in the European market.


How much money did the company lose in 2006?

It lost about $13 billion. To stem the bleeding, Ford sold Land Rover and Jaguar and refocused on its core brands.


Which Ford family member commissioned some of the most important works of art in the Detroit area?

Edsel Ford commissioned the Detroit Industry Murals, which are official national landmarks.


The 2015 F-150 truck was overhauled to feature more of which material?

The aluminum construction cut down on weight but raised concerns about durability.


What year did Ford introduce its F-Series line of trucks?

The F-Series, which is still one of the most popular trucks around, was introduced right after World War II in 1948.


Which brand did Ford get rid of in 2011?

Ford ended the Mercury brand in 2011, with a few final Grand Marquis.


In 1954, what did Ford begin doing to all of its new vehicles?

Crash testing is now one of the most important tasks that engineers perform as they build new cars.


Which Ford car helped to revolutionize car styling in the 1980s?

Decades later, it is hard to understand just how innovative the Taurus' styling was in the mid-1980s.


Which model was discontinued in 1996?

The Bronco was superseded by the Explorer, which helped fuel the current craze for SUVs and crossover SUVs.


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