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If you need to know your Taylor from your Tyler and your William Henry from your Benjamin, you're in luck. Take our Forgotten U.S. Presidents quiz to impress people at cocktail parties with facts about our bygone bosses.

There's more than one way to define "forgotten." And "president," turns out -- name the man who some claim is the REAL first president of the United States.

Hanson was the President of the Continental Congress.


Why does that make some folks claim him as the first president?

So he was elected the first president, just under the Articles of the Confederacy as opposed to the Constitution.


So he really WAS the first president of the United States?

Remember that the United States wasn't even formed under the Articles of Confederation; it was only after the Constitution was adopted and a chief executive was granted power that the office had any meaning.


How many people held the office of president from 1781-1789, before the United States Constitution was ratified and Washington elected?

So there were 10 presidents before Washington! But . . . there really wasn't, like we said before.


What was another -- more famous -- president, from 1785-1786?

Hancock also served as president of the Continental Congress.


Let's move on to real, elected -- yet still forgettable --presidents of the United States. Which Harrison served as the president?

No, they're not the same person.


Who was the elder Harrison?

William Henry served first.


How were the Harrisons related?

The Harrison dynasty spanned ages. Kind of.


WH Harrison has the distinction of being the president with the shortest:

Harrison only served 30 days after coming down with pneumonia shortly after entering office.


Benjamin Harrison beat out what other not-so-memorable president to win office?

But don't feel sorry for old Grover so fast. . .


Who defeated Harrison after his first term?

That pesky Cleveland.


Grover Cleveland was elected to what other office before president?

As well as mayor of Buffalo and governor of New York, to be fair.


Who was James Buchanan famous for marrying?

James Buchanan was a bachelor.


What is one of Buchanan's defining legacies?

Lincoln was elected after his first term.


James Garfield died after how many days as president?

Garfield was assassinated.


Who replaced Garfield?

Despite being unelected, Arthur undertook serious civil service reform.


Which president -- who supported the Fugitive Slave Act, among other things -- found himself on the wrong side of civil rights history?

Pierce was not friendly to abolitionist causes.


Zachary Taylor was elected to office based on his service as a general in what war:

He was a big-time war hero.


Taylor died in office from what:

Although there are theories that the ailment was caused by poison.


Who became president upon Taylor's death?

Poor Fillmore was passed over for his own nomination after serving out Taylor's term.


Rutherford B. Hayes ran for president as a:

Although he was a Whig early in his life.


Martin Van Buren was given what sad nickname?

After claims he ruined the economy.


John Tyler was so unpopular that what happened?

Didn't exactly ingratiate himself.


William McKinley left office after:

McKinley was shot a few months into his second term.


Who took office after McKinley's assassination?

And Teddy Roosevelt proved to be a lot more popular.


What does the G stand for in Warren G. Harding?

Fun name!


Harding left office due to what?

Harding died very suddenly; Calvin Coolidge took over the office.


After Harding's death, what emerged?

Harding's reputation took a dive posthumously.


Which president married while in the White House?

He was 50; she was 21. No biggie.


What presidents are named in "The Mediocre Presidents" song from "The Simpsons?"

It's a good way to remember who really didn't matter.


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