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These sidekick politicians often disappear once the elections are over. How much do you know about these forgotten vice presidents?

How many vice presidents have served the United States, as of 2016?

The first, of course, was John Adams.


After his political career, what job did Levi P. Morton choose?

His time in the White House ended in 1893; he did very little of note during his term as VP to Benjamin Harrison.


What sort of assassination attempt did Thomas R. Marshall survive?

The timer on the bomb didn't work properly, and it exploded in the middle of the night when no one was around.


Which vice president was the first to throw a ceremonial pitch at a baseball game?

William Taft's VP, James Sherman, holds that honor, thus continuing the tradition of doing nearly meaningless acts while in office.


Why wasn't Thomas R. Marshall more active in major issues when Woodrow Wilson's health began failing?

Those close to Wilson disliked Marshall and worked against him.


Who served as the fifth vice president?

He served under James Madison and helped to coin the term "gerrymandering."


What year did Garret Hobart, who served under William McKinley, die?

By then, dying in office had become something of a fad for vice presidents; he was the sixth to do so.


Charles W. Fairbanks served under which president?

Roosevelt was a superstar, and he didn't give Fairbanks much responsibility.


Which man is the only person elected to office by the terms of the 12th Amendment, which said the electoral college had to vote for a vice president as well as a president?

Van Buren voters didn't like his choice of running mate and some refused to give their electoral votes to Johnson.


Which vice president was Thomas A. Hendricks?

Hendricks served with President Grover Cleveland. He was also the 16th governor of Indiana.


Schuyler Colfax, who served with Ulysses S. Grant, was associated with what type of scandal?

Historians think he probably received money to help forward the cause of railroad construction.


Charles Curtis served during which event?

And lack of economic progress is probably what made Herbert Hoover a one-term president.


For how long did William R. King serve with Franklin Pierce before he died?

He perished from tuberculosis shortly after taking the oath.


John Tyler was a big proponent of what issue?

Many forget that he was vice president before the death of William Harrison.


How did Schuyler Colfax die?

He was a private citizen when he died during a brutal Minnesota winter.


Which vice president also served as the mayor of Philadelphia?

His middle name was Mifflin, if that tells you anything. He served with James Polk.


Former vice president John Nance Garner (who served with FDR) equated the vice presidency to what substance?

He said that the powerless position "was not worth a bucket" of this stuff warm. The quote was bowdlerized to "spit."


Who is the only vice president to appear on paper currency?

Hendricks' face was once on the $10 silver certificate.


How old was John C. Breckinridge when he was inaugurated?

He was only a year older than the bare minimum. He served under James Buchanan.


William A. Wheeler served under which president?

Unlike most, Wheeler was well-liked by the man at the head of the ticket.


Henry Wilson spent a lot of time working on which issue?

He made a name for himself fighting slavery in a time when Southerners still embraced the concept. Wilson was Grant's second VP.


Under which president did Hannibal Hamlin serve?

He served in the shadow of an American giant.


How well did Hamlin know Lincoln before beginning his term as vice president?

They didn't even meet until after the election was over.


Under which president did Charles G. Dawes serve?

Dawes was a prolific businessman and politician who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on World War I reparations.


In what year was Nelson Rockefeller appointed vice president?

Rockefeller was appointed to be Vice-President following the resignation of Nixon and Gerald Ford taking the presidency. He was also Gerald Ford's running mate in the 1976 election.


How many times did Nelson Rockefeller seek the presidential nomination?

He failed each time and then became vice president.


In 1952, why couldn't Alben W. Barkley, Harry Truman's VP, convince anyone to back him for president?

By then, he was in his mid-70s and people were afraid he'd die in office.


When did Alben W. Barkley die?

Proving his doubters right, he collapsed with a heart condition while he was in the middle of a speech.


What was the "Rockefeller gesture," named after Nelson Rockefeller?

The press snapped a picture of him flipping off a jeering crowd; it was one of his biggest moments.


How do you spell "potatoe?"

Quayle is mostly forgotten but definitely remembered for the "potatoe" spelling gaffe during a publicity event at a school.


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