Quiz: The Ultimate Fractals Quiz
The Ultimate Fractals Quiz
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Fractal geometry transcends the Euclidean dimensions in mind-blowing ways. Quantify your knowledge of fractals with this brain-bending quiz!

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When was the term "fractal" first used?
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When a fractal produces the same shape at smaller and smaller scales, it demonstrates what?
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Which fractal helped to calculate the length of the coastline of England?
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The Mandelbrot Set is sums up the work of which mathematician?
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According to fractal geometry, the coastline of the United Kingdom is how long?
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If you wanted to simulate a mountain range using fractal geometry, what basic Euclidean shape would you want to use?
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In the fractal equation z = z2 + c, the variable c stands for what?
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What kind of fractal has been effectively used in telecommunications devices?
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What's the highest dimension a fractal can have?
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What Japanese artist depicted fractal waves in his work "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa"?
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What meteorologist first discovered the Butterfly Effect in 1960?
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Why didn't Gaston Julia pursue his work with the Julia Set further?
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Helge von Koche is best known for creating the Koch Snowflake, a fractal that illustrates what paradox?
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Which measure of fractal dimension utilizes the box counting method?
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The Lorentz Butterfly is an example of what type of fractal?
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Benoit Mandelbrot was born in what European country?
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