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New York is the city that never sleeps and Paris is the city of love. But where in the world is the friendliest place? Take this quiz to learn about the friendliest place on Earth.

Which is the happiest country on Earth?

Researchers have found that people in Denmark are the happiest people in the world.


When researching happiness, people were questioned about three main factors that are thought to contribute to happiness: _____, wealth and access to education.

Countries with good health care systems, with high gross national product per capita and with good educational opportunities tend to generate the happiest people.


At which university was the research about the happiest people conducted?

Researchers at the University of Leicester created the first World Map of Happiness after investigating which are the friendliest and happiest countries.


How many people were questioned as part of the University of Leicester's research?

More than 80,000 people were questioned before the World Map of Happiness was created.


Why is it surprising that Danes are the happiest people?

It is surprising that Danes are so happy because they pay extremely high taxes. In addition, their weather is certainly not a tropical paradise.


Up to how much of their income do some citizens of Denmark pay in taxes?

Some Danes pay up to 70 percent of their income in taxes.


Why are Danes so happy?

Since Danes pay such high taxes, they are all roughly on the same economic level as their fellow citizens, no matter their profession. Therefore, Danes tend to choose a career path that will offer them the most personal satisfaction. This freedom of choice has had a large impact on making them the happiest people in the world.


What does tax money in Denmark go toward?

Tax money has gone to making health care free and to ensuring education for all citizen's of Denmark, through university level. Demark also spends more money on children and elderly than any other country in the world. Danes can rest assured that their health and education will be taken care of.


How many people live in Denmark?

The population of Denmark is 5.5 million.


What is the capital city of Denmark?

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Denmark is a constitutional monarchy and is ruled by Queen Margrethe II.


What percentage of Danes are involved in a social club of some sort?

About 92 percent of Danes are involved in some sort of social club, be it model trains, a book club or laughing practice.


How does the Danish government help Danes to be social?

The government of Denmark often gives funding to social clubs, even if it is just a book club with some of your friends once a month.


What would happen if you left a bicycle unlocked on the street in Denmark?

The Danish people are some of the most trusting people in the world. You can safely leave your bicycle in the street without it being stolen and many of the vegetable stands in Denmark run on a pure honor system. This sort of trust breeds friendship and encourages citizens to bond.


How do many people commute to school or work in Copenhagen?

About one third of Danes commute by bicycle. This means less pollution and street congestion, and creates happier people.


What sort of outlook does the average Danish person have?

The average Danish person appreciates being able to afford nice things, but is not interested in the material value of the object. Rather, Danes are happy with what they have. With this sort of attitude, it is easy to see why Denmark is home to the happiest and friendliest people in the world.


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