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The word frog conjures up different associations in different age groups and cultures, from Kermit or a spell-bound prince to a French delicacy. Take this quiz and relate to these creatures on their own merits.

What is the essential element in the survival of all frogs?

Water is essential to the survival of all species of frogs.


How do frogs begin their lives?

They begin as jelly-like eggs needing moisture to develop.


Into what form do the eggs hatch?

The eggs hatch into aquatic tadpoles, which breathe through gills.


How do frogs get almost all of their water?

Almost all their water and some of their oxygen is acquired through their skin.


What happens if a frog's skin dries out?

It can't get enough oxygen or get rid of carbon dioxide and dies.


Where do strawberry poison dart frogs lay their eggs?

They lay them on land, where the males keep them moist with urine.


What happens when the eggs hatch?

The mothers carry the tadpoles to tiny pools of water collected between the stem and leaves of plants.


If toads are frogs, are all frogs toads?

Not all frogs are toads.


How long have frogs lived on earth?

They've been around for about 200 million years.


What is the smallest frog?

The smallest frog is the gold frog at less than a centimeter in length.


How big is the Goliath frog?

They are about 12.5 inches (32 centimeters) long.


Are all frogs green?

Many are green, but some are orange, yellow, blue or pink.


How is a toad different from a frog?

Toads have bumpy, drier skins with legs made for walking rather than jumping.


What is the most defining trait of frogs?

Their lack of tails is so defining that their scientific order, Anura, means without tail.


What is special about tailed frogs?

Since their tails are in fact reproductive organs, they are the only frogs that can fertilize eggs while they are inside the female's body.


Is there any similarity between a human skeleton and a frog's skeleton?

Their skeletons are similar in some ways especially the limbs.


How do frogs climb trees?

Some use a sticky substance on their feet to help them climb.


What can help a frog jump?

A frog's pelvis can slide up and down its spine, which helps it jump.


Where are a frog's ears located?

Frogs don't have external ears, but an eardrum behind each eye.


Why would a frog need a wide field of view?

A frog can't turn its head, so it has wide bulging eyes on top of its head.


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