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Trying to get through life on a budget? Need tips to save money? Learn how to have fun without breaking the bank!

This online deal site rivals Groupon for daily deals at local merchants.

Living Social and Groupon are the two biggest deals sites online, as of 2011.


What TV show is dedicated to shoppers who use vast amounts of coupons to pay almost nothing for products?

Extreme Couponers sometimes use so many coupons they end up getting PAID for the stuff they buy!


This online streaming video service offers access to hundreds of movies and TV shows for only $80 per year.

Amazon Prime's Instant Video subscription costs about $6.67 per month and offers a decent selection of movies streamable to computers and some other Internet-connected devices.


True or false: You can save money by unplugging your electronics, even when they're not in use.

True. Electronics like your TV, computer and cable box will draw small amounts of power when not in use. Save electricity!


Roughly how much longer do compact fluorescent bulbs last versus incandescent bulbs?

CFLs can last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, making them well worth the higher retail price.


Looking to buy basic staples like toilet paper and condiments? Follow this rule:

Buying in bulk online or at stores like Costco will help you save money.


Compact fluorescent bulbs use about this much energy compared to typical incandescent bulbs.

Complact fluorescents use only a quarter of the energy of incandescent bulbs. That's a huge savings!


Even when you're not buying in bulk, this statistic displayed in grocery stores can help you save money.

Comparing products by their price per weight will help you spend money most efficiently.


If you regularly drive significant distances to work, try doing this to save gas money.

Biking and walking would save money, but those options might not be viable if you have a long commute. Try carpooling with coworkers to cut down on gas. Plus, you can drive in the carpool lane!


What online retailer regularly has "Gold Box" sales with heavily discounted products?

Amazon's Gold Box often features movies, games or other products with steep discounts.


Thinking about dropping your phone line? This popular VoIP service could serve as a cheap replacement.

Skype lets you make free IP-based calls and cheap calls to actual phones.


Coupon fans and deal seekers congregate at this online forum to talk about big deals.

Slickdeals aggregates deals to keep visitors updated on great buys online, and users can also share the deals they find on the forums.


Buying things without planning ahead can end up being a big waste of money. What do we often call these purchases?

Impulse purchases sometimes work out, but more often than not we regret them. Make sure you really want something before buying it!


Have plenty of space in the backyard? This hobby could save big money on food costs.

Grow a garden! Plant vegetables on the cheap and eat your own home-grown, fresh food!


What popular furniture retailer's products are often used in do-it-yourself "hacks" and projects to make cool and cheap household objects?

Ikea hacks use Ikea parts to inventively create new pieces of furniture and décor.


To avoid wasting money with credit cards, this is one rule everyone should follow.

Pay off the balances of your credit cards month-to-month to avoid paying any interest.


A membership to one of these organizations can help you save money by buying in bulk.

Huge retailers like Costco make you buy in large quantities, but you can save money by making bulk purchases!


Like going to concerts? This trick can help you save tons of money on tickets.

Buying at the venue, instead of buying online through services like Ticketmaster, will save you the cost of added fees.


Looking for interesting clothes that aren't too expenisve? Try one of these for bargain prices.

Thrift stores often have loads of clothes at great prices. Even if they're not all in perfect shape, a little savvy shopping will net you some perfect options.


Find your self discipline a little lacking when it comes to saving money? Use on of these to help you out:

Free budget software available through services like like can help you set spending guidelines and keep track of where all your money's going. Get to saving!


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