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The cast of "Full House" is all grown up, but the 2015 reboot and constant reruns have kept the show fresh in the minds of fans young and old. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the greatest moments in Tanner family history.

Which of these is not one of the three Tanner sisters?

Kimmy Gibbler is the Tanners' neighbor, D.J.'s best friend and a frequent visitor to the Tanner household.


Who did Uncle Jesse marry?

Uncle Jesse married Rebecca Donaldson. The pair moved into the attic and eventually became parents to twins Nicky and Alex.


What was the original title for "Full House"?

"Full House" was originally going to be called "House of Comics" before producers decided to make it more of a family-focused show.


What was the name of the Tanners' dog?

The Tanners' beloved Comet not only starred in the sitcom throughout its run, but also played the starring role in "Air Bud" in 1997.


What year did "Full House" premiere?

"Full House" hit the airwaves on Sept. 22, 1987, and lasted 192 episodes before going off the air in 1995.


What is D.J.'s real name?

D.J. is short for Donna Jo Tanner.


What was Uncle Jesse's name when the series was in preproduction?

Jesse was supposed to be Adam Cochran until John Stamos suggested the much smoother name Jesse Katsopolis.


What is Danny's job on the show?

Danny is the co-host of "Wake Up, San Francisco," a local morning talk show.


Who takes D.J. to prom?

On-again, off-again boyfriend Steve Hale takes D.J. to the senior prom in the series finale.


What is the name of Stephanie's stuffed bear?

Stephanie's beloved companion, Mr. Bear, goes missing when Joey accidently donates him to charity.


Which of these musical acts did NOT guest star on "Full House"?

Plenty of big-name musical acts made guest appearances on "Full House," but Mick and the gang never dropped by.


What is the name of Uncle Jesse's band?

Uncle Jesse tore up the stage with his band, Jesse and the Rippers. Not only did the band sing hits like "Forever," but it also had a chance to jam with The Beach Boys. Long after "Full House" ended, the Rippers reunited on Jimmy Fallon.


What is the name of Danny's fiancee?

In the episode "The House Meets the Mouse," the Tanners take a trip to Walt Disney World. While Danny plans to propose to Vicky during the trip, fate seems to be working against him.


Which Tanner drives a car into the kitchen?

While trying to turn on the radio, Stephanie crashes a car into the kitchen during season three.


Which Tanner suffers from amnesia during the series finale?

Michelle is knocked unconscious after falling from her horse in the series finale. After a spell of amnesia, she finally regains her memory, resulting in plenty of Tanner family hugs.


What is the name of Michelle's best friend, played by Tahj Mowry?

Tahj Mowry plays Michelle's best friend Teddy in 13 episodes of "Full House."


Who pierced Stephanie's ears, which led to a massive infection?

In the episode "I'm Not D.J.," Stephanie allows Kimmy to pierce her ears, resulting in a painful infection.


What heartthrob singer guest starred in the season five episode "Crushed"?

Tommy Page had all three Tanner girls swooning when he sang at Stephanie's 10th birthday party.


What was the name of D.J.'s pet horse?

In season two, D.J. and Kimmy secretly invest in a horse named Rocket, which D.J. tries to hide in the Tanner home.


What is the name of Michelle's look-alike Greek cousin?

When Jesse's Greek relatives come to visit, they bring along little Melina — a dead ringer for Michelle Tanner.


What is the name of Uncle Joey's favorite puppet?

Mr. Woodchuck plays a big part in Joey's comedy act. While Dave Coulier took the puppet with him when "Full House" ended, his dog later destroyed it, leaving it without its toothy grin.


What body part does Michelle worry is too large during a season eight episode?

In the episode "My Left and Right Foot," Michelle becomes convinced that her feet are abnormally huge after D.J. and Kimmy make fun of her.


What is the name of Stephanie's trouble-making friend, played by Marla Sokoloff?

Stephanie's so-called friend Gia tries to get Stephanie involved in all sorts of trouble, from smoking and drugs to partying and reckless driving.


True or false: Candace Cameron Bure, the actress who played D.J. Tanner, had her first kiss on screen.

When D.J. and Kevin kissed during season three, it was Bure's first real-life kiss.


What does Michelle buy with the profits from her lemonade stand?

Michelle uses her lemonade stand profits to purchase a donkey named Shorty from the petting zoo.


Which Tanner used the catchphrase "well pin a rose on your nose"?

She may have been better known for the exclamation "how rude!," but Stephanie had several other catchphrases to throw around.


Who is Uncle Jesse's idol?

Uncle Jesse idolized Elvis and even shared his name with the King's deceased twin brother — Jesse Garon Presley.


Who sings the theme song for the reboot "Fuller House"?

Carly Rae Jepsen of "Call Me Maybe" fame sings the slower version of the original theme song "Everywhere You Look."


How many children did D.J. have when "Fuller House" premiered?

In "Fuller House," D.J. is a widow with three young sons, just as Danny had three daughters when the original "Full House" premiered.


Which Tanner sister did not return for the "Fuller House" premiere?

While most of the original cast returned for the reboot, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who played Michelle, chose not to participate.


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