Party Planner 101: Can you throw a great gala event?

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Today it seems like everyone has a cause. And what better way to raise money for your cause than with a gala event. See if you know what it takes to host this type of large-scale fundraising event!

What themes are off limits for gala events?

Anything goes for your gala's theme. If you think it will sell tickets, your theme will be a success.


True or false: Selling tickets is the only way to raise money at a gala event.

Gala events can have many different fundraising strategies, including casino tables and silent auctions.


True or false: Forming a committee is the first step to planning a gala event.

Gala events require a great amount of effort. It's best to form a committee first to divide and conquer your tasks.


True or false: Finding a venue for your event should be last on your list.

Finding a venue, caterer and entertainment should be done at least a year in advance to ensure the dates you want are open.


Which of the following should always be considered in your gala planning?

All of these things are integral to the success of your event.


True or false: Telling personal stories about your cause is not advised, because it could make your guests sad.

Your guests want to hear about the great things your organization is doing to help others in need. Hearing a few success stories might even inspire them to give more money.


If you have the budget, which of the following might help you focus more on your fundraising efforts?

A party planner will cost money, but it might be worth it for you and your committee to devote extra time and effort to the money-raising aspects of the event.


Which of the following will help you sell more tickets?

Marketing is often overlooked, but essential piece in planning a gala event.


True or false: Setting a fundraising goal will not affect how much money your event actually brings in.

A fundraising goal will not only inspire your team, but it will also help persuade potential guests to help you meet your goal.


True or false: Holidays or events from other countries are off-limits as gala themes.

Picking a holiday or theme from another country will add to the uniqueness of your event and may even boost ticket sales.


Which of the following should you try to have donated by community supporters?

You should try to get anything and everything donated for your event. The worst that can happen is a business says "no."


True or false: You can host a fundraising gala all on your own.

A gala is a large-scale event that requires the help of a committee, as well as community supporters.


True or false: Not every gala event needs to include a silent auction.

While silent auctions are a popular way to raise money at a gala event, they are not a requirement.


True or false: An event planner is a necessary expense when planning a gala event.

While an event planner can be a huge help if your budget allows, it is not impossible to pull off a gala without professional help.


What are the best ways to inspire gala guests to donate more money to your cause?

All of these things will help inspire guests to donate more money to your cause.


Which of the following should be completed first?

These items should all be taken care of at least a year out in the early planning stages. However, one may affect the others, so it's hard to say what to do first.


Which of the following can help you transport your guest to another world with your gala theme?

All of these things should be considered when planning your event with a theme.


True or false: 100 percent of your silent auction items should be donated.

While it's nice to have everything donated, you may need to supplement with purchased items. Just make sure the reserve price is set high enough to make your money back.


True or false: You may need to buy a list of contacts to invite to your event.

If your event is new, you may need to buy a list of contacts to supplement your invite list. This should be figured in to the budget and made up with ticket sales.


While taking care of your guests, what other group should you be sure to not ignore?

Don't forget to take care of your volunteers. Their donated time is essential to the success of your event.


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