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Furnaces need proper maintenance to operate efficiently. Knowing how to maintain your furnace will help you preserve your equipment and save money in running costs. Take this quiz to see how hot your furnace maintenance knowledge is.

If your furnace turns on and off repeatedly, what mechanism may be faulty?

The thermostat may be the problem.


If your furnace does not turn on, what should you do first?

If your furnace does not turn on, first verify that your power source is functioning.


What may indicate a problem with the furnace's electrical system?

If a fuse blows when the furnace is turned on, you may have an electrical system issue. For these types of repairs, call a professional.


What should you do if you smell gas inside your home?

As you immediately vacate your home, leave the door open. Call the gas company or fire department and report the gas odor.


How often should you service your furnace?

Service your unit every year.


When is the best time for a quick service call at a possible discounted rate?

For faster service calls and a possible discount on the bill, service your unit during the off-season, when the weather starts to warm up.


What else should you have checked when you service your furnace?

Service your air conditioner when you service your furnace.


What is the nemesis of heating and cooling systems?

Dirt is the greatest nemesis for heating and cooling systems.


What is most important maintenance step of furnace maintenance?

A clean furnace is most important for proper equipment operation. Lubrication and belt adjustment of the furnace are also necessary.


What effect does dirt have on a furnace?

A dirty furnace may waste fuel.


The three parts of a furnace are the filter system, blower and:

The blower motor is the third part of a furnace.


How often should you change the furnace filter?

Before you start heating your home for winter, change the furnace, and then once a month when you are continuously using heat.


Which direction should the arrow printed on the filter point?

The arrow's direction indicates the air flow. The arrow should point in the direction of the blower.


What is sprayed on a permanent filter?

Permanent filters are sprayed with a filter-coating chemical. Permanent filters cost more than disposable filters and the filters must be maintained.


If your furnace blower motor does not have oil ports, how often should you lubricate?

Some furnaces are permanently lubricated and sealed, and do not need any lubrication maintenance.


What should you do if furnace belts are worn or frayed?

You must replace worn or frayed furnace belts.


What is fan belt dressing used for?

If a furnace belt squeaks when the blower is operating, spray some dressing on the belt.


To replace a furnace belt, what tool will you need?

You will need a wrench.


If required, how often should you lubricate your furnace?

Lubricate your furnace every year. An easy way to remember the date is to tape a piece of paper, with the lubrication date written on it, to the furnace.


How much oil should you use when lubricating your furnace?

Two to three drops of 10-weight nondetergent motor oil added to each oil port annually will keep your furnace well lubricated.


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