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Concern for our environment, escalating energy costs and the cost of living helped you arrive at the decision to downsize your living space. Now that you have a smaller home or even if you have decided to remain where you are, you want to make your space feel bigger. Do you know how to make the necessary changes? Take our quiz and find out now.

What is a major factor contributing to a trend of building smaller homes?

With an ever-increasing cost of living, people are more interested in reducing costs associated with housing. People have discovered that they can live in smaller homes with out sacrificing comfort or convenience.


What is one of the secrets for taking advantage of a smaller space and giving it a feeling of size?

Many decorating secrets can help you give your rooms the illusion of greater space. You may be pleasantly surprised at how some simple inexpensive decorating touches can open up a room.


What is one of the big challenges that you may face if you downsize your living space?

If you are moving into a smaller living space one of the most frustrating problems may be that some of your favorite furniture pieces will no longer fit.


What can you do that has a significant impact on making a small place feel like home?

From the beginning, designers have been making use of color, light and scale to make small areas look much larger. You can take advantage of these designer secrets to make a significant impact on the way your smaller home feels.


With growing emphasis on comfort and style without excess, what has changed?

Manufactures are designing their furniture with small spaces in mind. Today you are able to furnish a room with big-style furniture that never looks small.


What is a general rule that a designer will advise you to follow when painting a small room?

Most designers will tell you that the general rule for painting a room is that lighter colors expand space. This rule is most important when you are painting smaller rooms.


What is an often-overlooked painting trick that will add some color to a small room without making it appear smaller?

You can add you favorite bright color to a room by using it to paint the door, windowsill or behind hanging shelves to add color without giving that room a shrinking feeling. In addition, you can add color splashes to a light wall and they will not reduce the overall expanding effect of light colored walls.


What is a good trick to make a room painted a lighter color seem even bigger than it already does?

One of the best ways to give the appearance of a larger room is to paint the entranceway or hall a few shades darker than the focus room. You will perceive that your focus room is bigger and brighter than it really is.


What is a good way to visually raise a low ceiling and create a focal point as well?

A simple inexpensive way to give the allusion of a ceiling being a few inches higher is to hang curtains or sheers with a vertical stripe pattern on the windows. Stripes not only appear to add height but also make a great focal point.


Selecting subtle colors in the correct shade to paint a room can:

Expert research has shown that the color of a room can help to set a desired mood. Subtle shades of blue tend to increase your energy level and pink shades tend to add a feeling of romance to a room.


In a small space, what is your goal when you add furnishings and accessories?

Your goal when adding furnishings and accessories to a small space is to achieve balance. For instance to balance a couple of bright items in a neutral color room, try adding a black vase or picture frame.


The impact on a person that is achieved with good overall room design is usually considered:

The impact of overall room design is normally concentrated, which means that the eye can often take in an entire area with a single glance.


Well-designed decorating will usually:

The basis of well-designed decorating is to fool the eye of the beholder. Among other things, decorating techniques can be used to shrink a large room, expand a small room and set a desired mood for the occupants.


What is the best way to integrate a bed with its surroundings?

It is important to make sure that a bed blends well with the walls and carpet. You are striving for subtle color variances like a very pale pink or ivory bedspread on a bed in a room with ivory walls.


What is a good furnishing trick to help a living room appear larger and uncluttered?

Although light colored upholstery and wicker furniture can be helpful, glass-topped tables versus sold ones tend to open up a room.


What is a good choice for chair and sofa design that will give a perception of more space in your living room?

Chairs and sofas with exposed wooden legs can be very stylish and they tend to open up a room versus items with skirts that reach the floor or carpet.


Solid wooden tables tend to look smaller when they are:

Tables made from light colored wood like beech and pine, for example, look smaller than their darker counterparts do. These items have an attractive grain in addition to their characteristic light color.


What is the best decorating strategy when you can see one room from another room?

The best design strategy is to match the color of the two rooms to avoid a boxy look and feel.


What can you do about the long lies and sharp angles for which small rooms are notorious?

You will want to soften those angles and straight lines by choosing furniture that has stylish curves and by adding pillows and rugs that are either round or oval. Once you choose oval or round accents do not mix and match them, stick with one style instead.


What can you do about the fact that small living spaces naturally mean less storage space?

As painful as it may seem, when you are downsizing your living space you need to inventory your possessions, discard accumulated junk and store items that you are not using but cannot part with. Be brutal.


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