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There's no need to tear your hair out when it comes to improving your home décor. It can be enlightening, fun, stylish and not-too-taxing on the pocket if you invest a little energy in finding out about furniture. Find out if you know what there is to know out about furniture fundamentals with this fun quiz.

Which of these is one of the most important aspects of your home décor?

The furniture is by far one of the most important aspects of the décor.


What is an advantage of window shopping?

Window shopping allows you to comfortably explore your taste in furnishings without making a purchase before you know what you really want.


Knowing your taste in furniture means that you needn't:

Once you know what you want, you do away with having to go through each and every furniture store.


When purchasing furniture, what should you look out for?

It's worth every penny -- make sure to look out for high-quality merchandise that will last for years.


How does solid oak compare with particleboard?

It's like comparing chalk and cheese. Solid oak is far more durable and will last for generations. For price, however, you can't beat particleboard.


What can you do with a fine sofa when styles or fashions change?

That's the beauty of good-quality furniture. You can preserve it for years and simply re-cover it when the fabric goes out of style.


In keeping with the latest fashion trends, it's better to furnish with larger items, but:

Here's a typical case where less is more. Better to buy larger pieces of furniture, but fewer of them, than lots of smaller pieces.


Which of these would best be able to advise you regarding your home furnishings?

While your best friend may also be an interior designer and your interior designer may happen to be your best friend, if it comes to a choice between the two, go for the interior designer.


What is thought to blend in with almost any décor?

Antiques are a no-fail recipe for home décor. They always give an atmosphere of unpredictability.


To what extent can you experiment with color in your home furnishings?

Here's where you can be daring. If you like a color, don't be afraid to experiment.


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