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Stenciling patterns on items of furniture gives them a dramatic, one-of-a-kind look. From children’s chairs and cabinets to living room credenzas, your personalized handiwork adds a unique, artistic touch that will dress up any room. Take this quiz and find out how you can take your furnishings in hand and create your own stylized settings.

On The Barnyard Animals Chair, what do you use index cards for?

Tape two index cards together to add a stripe between the checkerboard border and the seat.


On the Barnyard Animals Chair, which animal is stenciled on the seat?

The cow is stenciled onto the seat and is base-coated Cottage Blue.


In the Barnyard Animals Chair, what do you use a toothpick for?

Use a toothpick to add a small dot for the chicks’ eyes with Basic Black paint.


For the Barnyard Animals Chair, why should you use several coats of varnish to seal your design?

Lightly spray the surface of the chair with two coats of spray varnish, letting it dry between coats. Let it dry for several days, then brush on two coats of varnish for more protection from active little hands and feet.


For the Country Cupboard, on what part of the display cabinet do you stencil?

You do all the stenciling on the wood paneling behind the shelves as a backdrop for your display items.


For the Country Cupboard, what stenciled motifs are used to give it a country look?

Leaves, vines and berries give the cabinet a classic and colorful outdoorsy look.


For the Country Birdhouse Cupboard, what image(s) should you stencil first?

You start off the design by stenciling the leafy branches, then proceed to the birdhouses and so on.


What kind of bird image is used in the Country Birdhouse Cabinet?

A wren is stenciled in the branches at the bottom right of the cabinet.


In the Country Birdhouse Cabinet, where do the stars go?

Stencil a cluster of stars on the large blue birdhouse.


On the Country Birdhouse Cabinet, how do you create the effect of a suspended birdhouse?

To create the illusion of a birdhouse hanging from a branch, stencil a stripe from a branch to the house by taping two index cards 1/8-inch apart and painting the thin stripe black.


What kind of pattern is stenciled on the Nightstand?

For the Nightstand, you stencil a simple but elegant plaid pattern on a bedside table.


For the Nightstand, what part of the little dresser should you remove before beginning to do your stenciling?

Before you start to stencil, take off the drawer-pulls or metal handles, as you might want to paint them to match the stencil design.


For the Nightstand, what should you do to ensure that the stripes in the pattern look light and translucent?

To make the stripes look light and translucent, apply the paint sparingly as you stencil.


On the Nightstand, what should you use to seal your finished product?

To protect your stenciled pattern, apply two or three coats of satin-finish varnish to the Nightstand.


Which one of the following images is NOT featured on the Rescue Vehicle Cabinet?

Ambulances and fire trucks are the images that are stenciled on the Rescue Vehicle Cabinet. Although there is no school bus vehicle as such, the body of the ambulance and other elements of the design are painted School Bus Yellow.


When stenciling the ambulance for the Rescue Vehicle Cabinet, what should you do to mark the position of the wheels?

Place the stencil for the e ambulance in the middle of a white panel and mark the registration points. Before starting to stencil, mask off the wheels with painter's tape.


After you have finished stenciling the Rescue Vehicle Cabinet, how long should you let it dry?

Let the cabinet dry for 24 hours. To protect your stenciling work, mist the cabinet with at least three coats of spray varnish, letting it dry between coats.


On the Pony Pull-Toy Step-Stool, how many colors of paint are used on each leg of the stool?

Each four-sided leg is painted two colors. Two sides are painted Adobe Red, and the other two are Apple Green.


On the Pony Pull-Toy Step-Stool, how do you create the pull string?

Paint the pull string freehand, using Light Ivory paint and a No. 1 liner brush. But first, you could draw a line with a pencil to use as a guideline.


On the Pony Pull-Toy Step-Stool, where do the diamonds go?

A diamond, painted Apple Green, is centered in each corner square at the top of the stool, as well as in a repeated pattern around the entire edge, or apron, of the stool.


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