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Many real-world spots make up the sprawling fictional world of Westeros. How much do you know about "Game of Thrones" filming locations?

Which country serves as a hub for most of the show's production?

Many of the interior scenes are shot in a Belfast studio.


Sibenik is the real-world home of which fictional god?

The town stands in for Braavos, and the temple does have faces on the outside of it.


In which national park is much of season 4 filmed?

The Iceland park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Which country is home to Winterfell?

Doane Castle, specifically, is where many Winterfell scenes are filmed.


The Red Keep scenes are filmed at which fortress?

It was an important fortress and also home to many influential theater productions.


Mance Rayder set up his wildling camp in the middle of what geologic formation?

The sharp, dangerous-looking rocks are in a desolate area of Iceland.


Most of the on-location filming for season 1 takes places in which country?

The island has been featured heavily throughout much of the series.


Horn Hill is set in this fortress north of which city?

The Santa Florentine Castle is settled into a lush green Spanish forest.


Vatnajokull is the real-world name for which area of Westeros?

The frozen area is the kind of place you'd expect to find wildlings running around.


A section of tree-lined road in which country doubles as the King's Road and the Dark Hedges of Armoy?

The eerie trees create a tunnel-like effect that suits this fantasy series.


Which shooting location is known for its counterculture vibe and surfing scene?

In the show, it is called Astapour, or the Red City.


Girona, Catalonia is home to which Westeros city?

Numerous scenes were filmed near Girona Cathedral.


Which city is home to the world's largest film studios, which have often been used for "Game of Thrones?"

They are called the Atlas Studios and have been used for movies such as "Patton" and "Lawrence of Arabia."


Which Croatian city serves as the backdrop for many King's Landing scenes?

The red roofs on many buildings in this town are easy to recognize in the show.


The Iron Islands exist off of which country?

It's where many of Theon's scenes take place.


About how many acres are there on the real-world Castle Ward property, home to the fictional Stark family?

It's an enormous slice of land filled with many areas featured in the show.


Which set location is a UNESCO World Heritage site?

The exterior was used for the House of Undying.


In real life, about how old are the trees that line The King's Road?

The trees have undoubtedly witness some amazing events, including those filmed for the show.


Fictional Blackwater Bay is filmed near which real-world body of water?

This is where Stannis Baratheon loses most of his fleet thanks to a scheme created by Tyrion Lannister.


The fortress of "Spain's Siberia" represents which place in "Game of Thrones?"

This location is known for its sometimes frigid conditions.


Downhill Beach in Northern Ireland is the setting for which famous act?

In the show, the beach is called Dragonstone Island.


The Plaza de Toros de Osuna represents which fictional fighting stage?

In the real world it's a bull fighting ring.


Gradac Park is the setting for which famous scene?

It's a large public park that finally sees Joffrey's fitting end.


Officials of which country complained that filming damaged protected habitats?

One crew dumped artificial sand at a protected beach area.


Pentos scenes were shot at Ait-Ben-Haddou, a "ksar," which translates to what in English?

The Moroccan city has seen many Hollywood production crews come and go.


How did the crew film a clifftop stronghold in Meteora?

There are real structures on the cliffs, too, but some were added in post-production.


In which country did the crew film scenes featuring the Water Palaces of Dorne?

The atmospheric buildings of Seville serve as home to House Martell.


The Ounila River runs by which fictional city?

The Moroccan river is a frequent star of season 3.


What area is the setting for The Land Beyond the Wall?

The epic and forbidding landscape is well-suited for scary scenes beyond The Wall.


How long is the Long Bridge of Volantis?

This Roman-era bridge has 16 massive arches.


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