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You've decided to install a new garage door yourself, but you can’t decide on what type of system you want. Do you go with a conventional manual door, or an automatic system? Does a project such as this require more do-it-yourself skills than you can muster? Take our quiz to determine whether you have what it takes to install your own garage door system.

When it comes to do-it-yourself projects, installing a garage door is what level of difficulty?

Installing a garage door is an advanced task, which should only be attempted by people with plenty of experience. If you're not totally confident in your do-it-yourself skills, hire a professional.


The choice to install a manual garage door or an electric one is based primarily on what?

If you have a particularly heavy door, such as one made of solid wood, you might not have any choice but to install an automatic system.


Some wooden garage doors can weigh how much?

A manual garage door has to be opened by hand, which is not possible when dealing with a 1,000 pound garage door made of solid wood.


One of the main problems with an electric garage door system is associated with which of these?

The main problem with an electric garage door system is that, if the power goes out, you have nothing more than a manual system attached to a 1,000-pound door.


The essential mechanism of a manual garage door is what?

A simple torsion spring system, like those found on mouse traps, is the basis of a manual garage door. The pressure that the spring applies against the door assists you when you open the door, and prevents the door from slamming into the ground when you close the door.


One of the advantages to having an old-fashioned manual garage door is what?

If a thief manages to find out the frequency setting of your electric garage door, you might not find your car there when you get ready to leave for work in the morning. A manual door, on the other hand, can be locked.


How might a thief open a radio-controlled garage door?

There are frequency detectors on the market that can determine the exact frequency to which a garage door opener needs to be set to open a particular door. With this information your car is just the press of a button away from being stolen.


How much does a frequency detector cost?

Electronics stores sell simple frequency detectors for as little as $50.


Some automatic garage doors have a safety mechanism that does which of these?

One of the great things about automatic garage doors is that they can be programmed to detect when something is in the path of the door. No one wants a 1,000 pound door crashing into their brand new car!


The sensors that detect whether something is in the way of the garage doors are what type?

The infra-red systems that recognize interfering objects are the same as those that open doors at the local grocery store.


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