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When deciding whether to buy or rent a garden-level apartment, the main concern is whether it will feel like a dungeon. Take this quiz to find out more about these small but charming spaces!

How is a "garden-level apartment" defined?

A garden-level apartment is generally presumed to stand between the first floor and the basement, so that windows are at ground level.


How is a "finished basement" defined?

A finished basement (as opposed to an unfinished basement) is a living space like any other room in the house: finished walls, electrical and heating/cooling access, the works.


How is an "unfinished basement" defined?

Generally, "unfinished basement" is understood to imply cement floors, no drywall or plaster on the walls, and possibly basic electrical access and wiring (without fixtures).


How is a "garden apartment" defined?

A garden apartment doesn't have to do with basements or sub-first floor living; garden apartments aren't stacked at all, but spread out around a common green area or courtyard.


What's the usual soundproofing situation above a garden-level or basement apartment?

Usually, the ceiling below the first floor is less insulated than the levels between upper stories, meaning that sound in a basement or garden-level space is increased.


A home with 2,000 square feet of "Heated Living Area" (HLA) defines which of these?

"Heated Living Area" is an elastic definition that includes everything on all finished levels of the home -- meaning that a house with 1,000 square feet equally above and below ground would still have 2,000 square feet of HLA, despite its less attractive formal living space.


A garden-level apartment can be:

Insuring a garden-level apartment is usually higher, due to the urban surroundings, but its property taxes will generally be lower.


In 1993, what was the average size of an American home in square feet?

The 1993 American per-dwelling average was 1,875 total square feet.


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