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Located above the Arctic Circle is a wilderness wonderland known as the Gates of the Arctic National Park. This huge sanctuary is home to bears and moose and remains much as it was before man set foot there. Take this quiz for an unforgettable virtual adventure.

Where is the Gates of the Arctic National Park situated?

It is located in northern Alaska above the Arctic Circle.


How large is the park?

It extends over some 8.5 million acres.


How many rivers run through the park?

Six rivers run through the park.


How do you get to the park?

Access to the park is limited to light aircraft, since the highway doesn't come closer than five miles (eight kilometers).


When was Gates of the Arctic established?

It was established in 1980.


What is the major mountain range in the park?

The majestic Brooks Range is part of the park.


How long is this mountain range?

It is six hundred miles (966 kilometers) long.


What kind of view can you expect to see from most of the mountain ridges?

You will see jagged mountains and forested valleys split by rivers.


What do you find on the southern slopes of the mountains?

Scraggly forests of black spruce struggle for survival on these slopes.


How long is the Arctic winter?

The Arctic winter lasts nine months, during which there is perpetual night.


Can the frosted desolate tundra support plant life?

For about two to three months a year with the summer sunlight, wildflowers, sedges, grass and moss can grow.


In the summer months , how many hours of sunlight a day will the visitor to the park enjoy?

From mid-June you will have 24 hours of sunshine each day.


Where do the caribou of the park spend their winters?

They migrate to feeding grounds hundreds of miles to the south


What are the major travel routes through the park?

The rivers are the main travel routes.


What are the two peaks that comprise the Gates of the Arctic?

Frigid Crags and Boreal Mountain are the two peaks.


Which river runs from the Arctic Divide to join with the Koyukuk River?

This is the Alatna River


What was the claim to fame of the Kobuk River?

At the turn of the century it was the site of a minor gold rush.


Who gave the park its name?

Conservationist Robert Marshal explored the area in the 1930s and called the two peaks, Frigid Crags and Boreal Mountain, "The Gates of the Arctic."


How many people actually live in the park?

Some 1,500 descendants of the Koyukon Athabascan and Nunamuit and Kobuk Inupiat peoples still live there.


What nature preserve is located within the park?

Noatak Biosphere Preserve is part of the park.


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