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You might not know who Gene Roddenberry is, but you almost certainly know his work — he's most famous for creating the television series "Star Trek." Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the original Trekkie.

Where was Gene Roddenberry born?

It was El Paso, Texas, to be exact, on Aug. 19, 1921.


For what profession did Roddenberry initially attend college?

Roddenberry was a police science major at Los Angeles City College.


In what part of the United States military did Roddenberry serve?

Roddenberry got his pilot's license in the Army Air Corps and served in Hawaii during World War II.


What did Roddenberry do right after the war?

Pan American World Airways hired him as a pilot.


What disaster did Roddenberry survive in 1947?

Roddenberry was on the crew of a Pan American flight from Kolkata, India, to New York when an engine failed and the plane crash landed in the Syrian desert. He helped pull passengers to safety and directed the effort to find help.


Roddenberry resigned from Pan Am in 1948 and started working as a police officer in what city?

Roddenberry worked in Los Angeles, a perfect place for him to start moonlighting as a television writer.


Which was one of the first television shows for which Roddenberry wrote scripts?

Roddenberry wrote scripts for "Mr. District Attorney" while he was still working for the Los Angeles Police Department. He resigned from the force in 1956 to focus on his writing.


What was Roddenberry's pseudonym in his early writing career?

His name appears as Robert Wesley in the credits for "Highway Patrol," "Mr. District Attorney" and "I Led Three Lives."


Roddenberry wrote 27 episodes for which late 1950s-early 1960s Western?

One of Roddenberry's episodes of "Have Gun – Will Travel," "Helen of Abajinian," won the Writers Guild of America award for best teleplay.


On what show did Roddenberry first work with Leonard Nimoy?

It's "The Lieutenant," an hour-long drama about the Marines at Camp Pendleton in California, though you may know Nimoy for his later role as Mr. Spock on "Star Trek."


What company did Roddenberry get to produce "Star Trek" in 1964?

Desilu picked up "Star Trek" after MGM passed on it.


What network did Roddenberry get to pick up "Star Trek" in 1966?

NBC picked up "Star Trek" after CBS passed on it.


Roddenberry became romantically involved with his eventual second wife during the filming of "Star Trek." Who was she?

Majel Barrett's main role in the series was as nurse Christine Chapel.


What science fiction writer did Roddenberry consult during the first season of "Star Trek"?

Asimov is known for science fiction works like "Nightfall," "The Gods Themselves" and "The Caves of Steel."


NBC dropped Roddenberry's "Star Trek" after how many seasons?

"Star Trek" was cancelled in 1969 after just three seasons.


For what movie did Roddenberry get his first film credits?

Released in 1971, "Pretty Maids All in a Row" starred Rock Hudson, Angie Dickinson and Telly Savalas. Roddenberry was the writer and producer.


Which 1973 television film marked Roddenberry's return to science fiction after "Star Trek"?

"Genesis II" is about a man accidently thrown into the future after a botched suspended animation experiment. CBS was going to turn it into a television series, but "Planet of the Apes" got the series instead.


Which was the highest grossing "Star Trek" film in which Roddenberry was involved?

"Star Trek: The Motion Picture" was the highest grossing "Star Trek" film until after Roddenberry's death. J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" (2009) eventually beat it out.


Roddenberry's 1987 reboot of the "Star Trek" television franchise is called …

"The Next Generation" premiered on Sept. 28, 1987, with the episode "Encounter at Farpoint."


What was the last "Star Trek" film in which Roddenberry was involved?

Roddenberry watched "The Undiscovered Country" at a private screening just two days before he died.


How many children did Roddenberry have?

Roddenberry had three children: two with his first wife Eileen Anita Rexroat (Darleen Anita and Dawn Allison) and one with his second wife Majel Barrett (Eugene Jr.).


Which group recognized Roddenberry with the Brotherhood Award in 1967?

The NAACP gave Roddenberry the Brotherhood Award for his work to advance African-Americans in television. Indeed, he insisted on a diverse cast for the original "Star Trek" series.


Which television series, produced after Roddenberry's death, was based on notes he had made?

"Andromeda" starred Kevin Sorbo and ran for five seasons from 2000 to 2005.


How many Emmys did Roddenberry win for the original "Star Trek" series?

Unfortunately for Roddenberry, the answer is zero. He was nominated twice for outstanding dramatic series but never won.


Roddenberry was the first television writer to receive what?

Roddenberry got a star on the Walk of Fame in 1986.


What space feature bears Roddenberry's name?

A crater on Mars was named after him in 1994, and an asteroid is also his namesake.


How did Roddenberry die on Oct. 24, 1991?

The cardiac arrest was the final blow in a long string of health problems Roddenberry experienced starting in the late 1980s.


What was done with some of Roddenberry's ashes after his death?

They were flown into space, of course. Twice actually: once on the space shuttle Columbia and again on a Celestis spacecraft.


What government agency posthumously awarded Roddenberry the Distinguished Public Service Medal?

NASA awarded the medal in 1993. Another Trekkie, William Shatner, received the medal in 2014.


What was Roddenberry's vision for the future?

Roddenberry's optimistic vision for a world without prejudice, poverty or greed often came out in his scripts for "Star Trek." Let's hope he's right!


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