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General Motors has released countless models, weathered a Great Depression, and survived two World Wars (and supplied tanks for them). Think you know one of the world's most recognizable car manufacturers? Find out in this Ultimate GM Quiz.

The 1951 General Motors LeSabre offered all of these options except:

The 1951 LeSabre was definitely at the cutting edge of automotive design -- and religion. Unfortunately, fuel injection hadn't come into much use yet.


General Motors first began toying with an electric vehicle in the 1980s. The model that they finally rolled out in 1996 was known as the:

The EV1 was released by General Motors through its subsidiary, Saturn, from 1996 to 2003 before it was scrapped.


In 1960, Ford released a restyled Ford Falcon in Australia to compete with what GM subsidiary that had the market Down Under essentially cornered?

General Motor's subsidiary Holden had dominated the Aussie market until Ford gave them a run for their money with the Falcon.


In 1999, General Motors bought the right to begin producing what car established by niche manufacturer AM General?

GM purchased the production rights to roll out the new, civilian-minded Hummer in 1999.


In the mid-1980s GM began tinkering with a solar-powered vehicle that remained forever in the concept stage. What was the name of the concept car?

GM contracted with AeroVironment to build the Sunraycer to compete in the World Solar Challenge (it won in 1987).


What British GM subsidiary that produced the Victor shared a name with a London neighborhood and the title of a Morrissey album?

From 1957 to 1961, British subsidiary Vauxhall produced the Victor, which was a hit in the UK, but not in America. In 1994, recording artist Morrissey released the album, "Vauxhall and I."


GM was responsible for introducing the idea of the concept car when its Buick division released what car in 1938?

The Buick Y-Job -- whimsically named so by its designer because most carmakers called their experimental vehicles 'X' -- gave Buick the chance to showcase features that it would use in Buick and Cadillac models through the 1940s.


General Motors founder William Durant established the company in 1908, but he was ousted two years later. What rival company did he go on to found in 1911?

GM founder William C. Durant also founded Chevrolet in 1911.


What General Motors division built more than 1,000 M-41 Walker Bulldog Light Tanks in the 1950s?

Cadillac, better known for its luxury cars, produced 1.082 M-41 tanks at its manufacturing facility in Cleveland.


In the 1950s, GM built Greyhound buses with the "Vista Dome" feature, a wide window that afforded a great view from inside. What Oldsmobile station wagon eventually took on this design?

The Oldsmobile Vista-Cruiser, built from 1964 to 1972, borrowed its "Vista Dome" from Greyhound buses.


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