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Sure, you tune in to "Game of Thrones" every week for the latest adventures in Westeros and buy each new novel the day it comes out, but how much do you know about all the other fantasy and science fiction George R.R. Martin has created?

What is the title of Martin's 1982 novel about a vampire in 19th century America?

The novel is called "Fevre Dream," the name of the paddle steamer that serves as the setting for most of the book.


What is the goal of Joshua, the vampire protagonist of "Fevre Dream"?

Joshua develops a potion to free all vampires from the "red thirst."


What is the "Wild Cards" series, which Martin edited and worked on for many years, about?

The "Wild Cards" shared universe is populated with superpowered heroes and villains.


What gives people superpowers in "Wild Cards"?

The alien virus is spread over New York City in 1946.


What author had a "Wild Cards" story pitch rejected by Martin, though it later became a successful comic book series?

Martin rejected Gaiman's pitch for "The Sandman," but the idea found a home as a DC Comics series.


The shared world concept and many of the early "Wild Cards" characters were inspired by a superhero role-playing game Martin ran for his friends. What game did they play?

Some parts of the "Wild Cards" universe were born in Martin's RPG campaign based on Chaosium's "Superworld" system.


What is the title of Martin's 1983 novel about a fictional '60s rock band?

"The Armageddon Rag" was not Martin's most commercially successful novel, although it was nominated for several awards.


What's the name of the band in "The Armageddon Rag"?

The band is called Nazgul, after the creatures in "The Lord of the Rings" — there's actually a real-life band by that name as well (the novel came first).


What '80s anthology TV series, a revival of a popular '50s series, did Martin write several episodes of, including "The Last Defender of Camelot" and "The Road Less Traveled"?

Martin wrote or edited eight episodes of "The Twilight Zone" revival.


Martin wrote episodes for another '80s TV series, this one a serial drama that reimagined a classic fairy tale set in the modern world. What was the series?

"Beauty and the Beast" starred Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton.


Martin's work doesn’t always take place behind the scenes. What happens to him in "Sharknado 3"?

In Martin's "Sharknado 3" cameo appearance, a shark eats him in a movie theater.


Since 2009, Martin has teamed up with another prolific editor to curate and edit themed science fiction and fantasy anthologies, including "Songs of the Dying Earth" and "Dangerous Women." Who is the other editor?

Gardner Dozois was the longtime editor of "Asimov's Science Fiction."


What is the name of the novel jointly written by Martin, Dozois and Daniel Abraham, about a man forced by aliens to hunt what turns out to be his own double?

Martin, Dozois and Abraham expanded a short story into a novella and eventually a full novel called "Hunter's Run."


"Hunter's Run" was published in 2007. When did work on the novel begin?

Dozois started the story in 1976. He and Martin worked on it alternately until it was shelved for 20 years. Abraham finally finished it as a novella, then Dozois expanded it into a novel.


Several of Martin's short stories and novels are set in the same science fiction universe, including "Tuf Voyaging," "A Song for Lya" and "Dying of the Light." What is that universe known as?

The setting is called the Lyaverse.


True or false: Martin once worked on the science fiction TV series "Max Headroom"?

None of Martin's work on "Max Headroom" made it into production because the series was cancelled, but he did work on it.


One of Martin's earlier works is the novella "Sandkings." What is it about?

In "Sandkings," a man forces his pets to go to war against each other.


What awards did Martin win for "Sandkings"?

"Sandkings" won both the Hugo and the Nebula in 1980.


What is the title of the short story by Martin that appeared in the "Dark Visions" anthology, which also had stories by Stephen King and Dan Simmons?

Martin's contribution to the collection is "The Skin Trade."


What type of monster is "The Skin Trade" about?

"The Skin Trade" is a violent, gory werewolf story.


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