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Getting rich in your spare time isn't easy. But with the worldwide economy still tanking, making any amount of extra money in your after work hours can't be a bad idea. In this quiz, test your knowledge of money making methods.

According to a study by ACNielsen commissioned by eBay in 2006, how many people worldwide use sales from the auction site as their "primary or secondary" source of income?

The study estimated that 1.3 million individuals worldwide use sales from the auction site as their "primary or secondary" source of income, with 630,239 of those located in the United States. It didn't, however, quantify how much income those individuals made.


Celebrity eBay seller Jack Sheng is famous for reaching which eBay milestone?

Sheng's company eForcity achieved the 1 million feedback milestone score selling electronics accessories. His company brings in $40 million in revenue a year, according to eBay.


An eBay certified "power seller" makes at least how much in sales in one year?

Power sellers must make $3,000 in sales annually and it must be spread across a minimum of 100 transactions. They must also maintain a 98 percent positive feedback rating from their customers.


Several prominent infomercials promising Internet riches have received which grade from the Better Business Bureau?

Dave Espino's "Auctions for Income" and Jeff Paul's "Internet Millions" have both received the failing grade from the Los Angeles chapter of the BBB, for failing to respond to customer complaints and making misleading promises.


In 2007, how many businesses in the United States operated exclusively through electronic or mail-order sales?

In 2007, 106,065 businesses operated through electronic and mail-order sales, and more than half of those were sole proprietorships.


What percentage of unit sales on were made through third-party sellers, according to the company's most recent earnings report?

Almost 1/3 of its sales volume coming from outside sellers. Amazon charges sellers fees once items sell, but doesn't charge fees to list items, like eBay. But it does charge a flat fee of $39.99 each month to list products.


What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO makes a good marketing tool, because it helps make sure that users who are looking for a specific Web site or product find what they are looking for on Google, Yahoo and other search engines.


Online stores should have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection. What does SSL protection do?

SSL protection provides security for customers filling in online forms with sensitive information, like credit card numbers and addresses. It encrypts data as it travels from the Web site to the individual computer, to prevent it from being intercepted by a third party.


Many online retailers use drop shipping to handle their inventory. What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is an easy way to sell online without paying storage fees or filling up your spare closets with junk. Drop shippers keep inventory in their own warehouses, and ship it to your customers on demand only when you complete a sale.


Which of the following is NOT a legal responsibility that you take on when you rent out a spare room in your house?

Performing background checks is not required by law, but is still a good idea when screening potential tenants. Credit checks and face-to-face interviews are also a good idea.


How much money can you make by agreeing to cover your car in ads?

The exact amount can vary by company, but most companies only require you to drive on your normal routine with the ads in plain view to earn $400 to $900 each month. Some companies will prorate your payment if you don't drive a minimum amount of miles inside of a month.


True or false: According to the Federal Trade Commission, Amway is a legitimate business model, not a pyramid scheme.

According to a 1979 FTC decision, while Amway resembles a pyramid scheme, it operates a legitimate business because salespeople aren't required to pay exorbitant fees to begin selling merchandise through the company. A pyramid scheme operator makes more money through fees and sales to its agents than through retail sales.


In what year did the commodity price of gold reach its all-time high?

Gold tends to increase in value when major world currencies decline in value. The global recession resulted in repeated all-time records for the commodity price of gold throughout 2009 and 2010.


What proportion of companies are farming out some amount of work to freelancers, according to recent statistics?

In today's economy, nine out of 10 companies have turned to independent contractors, or freelancers, as a more cost-effective way to complete work like Web design, graphic design, content writing and public relations.


True or False: Once you have submitted your resume to a special events staffing firm, you can be picked to work a specific event based on your physical appearance.

Most companies expect the staff they use to promote their products at special events and conventions to conform to a brand image. They might want attractive younger women to promote products targeted at men, or African-Americans to promote products geared toward that demographic.


What is a mystery shopper?

Mystery shoppers are hired by market research firms to buy products at a specific store and report back on the customer service. They are reimbursed for purchases they make, and compensated for the time they spend shopping.


Which of the following things do you need to be an eligible sperm donor?

Couples using donated sperm to conceive their children have high standards for genetic material, which means donors need to have good genes and high intelligence. Some banks even require donors to have college degree or graduate degrees.


True or False: Women who smoke are not eligible to become egg donors.

Women have to be extremely healthy to donate eggs, so smokers, the overweight and those with a history of genetic illnesses in their families don't qualify.


Participants in a 90-day NASA bed rest study will lose approximately what percentage of their bodies' total bone mass during a month of the study?

Participants of the study can lose between 1 and 2 percent of their bodies' total bone mass during a month of the study. They return after the study to have their bone mass checked, but some subjects never regain all of the lost bone mass.


Which of the following benefits does Starbucks NOT provide to employees working at least 20 hours per week?

Along with health insurance, employees working at least half-time qualify for dental and vision insurance, discounted stock prices, access to the 401(k) plan and tuition assistance. Only salaried employees receive paid sick leave, though.


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