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A trip to New York City would not be complete without seeing a musical or play. Learn how to get a great seat at a great price for a theatrical experience that will leave you with enough money for a late night snack in the theater district. Take this quiz to find out more about how to get show tickets.

Where is the best place to see a live play or musical?

The best place to see a live play or musical is in a big city like New York or Chicago.


Where can you purchase tickets to live plays or musicals?

You can purchase tickets to see a play or musicals through online Web sites that offer tickets or go to the actual box office.


How can you get a great seat for a performance?

If you buy your ticket in advance you may get a better seat, but there is no guarantee. Purchasing your ticket from a ticket broker such as Ticketmaster may also get you a good seat.


How can you quickly find out where you actual seat is located?

You can usually view the seating layout by going to the venue's Web site and viewing the seating chart.


What is a smartphone app for theatre tickets?

If you have an iPhone use the app for TheatreMania, New York City Tickets or BroadwayWorld.


What time are the evening performances of plays and musicals?

The evening performances are traditionally offered at 7 p.m. or 8 p.m.


What day are theaters usually closed?

Theaters are usually closed on Monday. This is a longstanding tradition.


Why is Monday the dark day?

Monday was chosen as the dark day for theaters, because audiences tended to be the smallest as people returned to work and school.


What time are matinee shows?

Matinees are usually performed at 2 p.m.


What days are matinees usually performed?

Matinees are usual performed on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.


When did "The Phantom of the Opera" start running at the Majestic Theater on Broadway?

"The Phantom of the Opera" started its run in January of 1988.


What is a performance preview?

Most musicals or plays have a preview period of several weeks prior to the actual opening of the show. The preview period performances may not be as polished as those after the actual opening.


Why may you want to purchase tickets to a preview performance?

Tickets to a preview performance may cost less and be easier to acquire.


What may happen if you wait till late in the run to purchase tickets?

If you wait, you may not catch the original cast in the performance.


Where can you get tickets for a sold out performance?

If tickets are sold out, you may try the standby line and pick up a last minute ticket due to a cancellation.


What is the lottery rush policy?

Some theaters offer tickets to sold-out performances by random drawing before show begins. Lottery rushes are sometimes limited to students.


Where is the seating for SRO tickets?

SRO means "standing room only" so there is no seat offered, but you will get a cheap ticket to a great performance.


Why are the price of standby tickets reduced?

Standby tickets have already been sold and the ticket holder canceled at the last minute--the theater then resells the ticket. The theater makes additional revenue and a lucky person gets a ticket for a great price.


What is the risk of purchasing a show ticket from Craigslist or eBay?

You may spend money on a counterfeit ticket.


Which of these is a Broadway musical?

"Chicago" is a Broadway musical.


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