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"Boogie Nights" dove straight into the seedy underbelly of the porn world, putting the struggles and addictions of the industry's stars straight into the harsh glow of the spotlight. Set in the late '70s and filmed in 1997, this flick focused on the rapid rise and brutal fall of porn legend Dirk Diggler, who transformed from eager young nobody to superstar before he flamed out, thanks to an excess of fame, fun and illicit substances. Take our quiz to test your "Boogie Nights" knowledge!

Who starred as Eddie Adams in the film?

Mark Wahlberg played young Eddie Adams. The polite young man starts off as a wide-eyed innocent before becoming one of the biggest porn stars on the planet, as he transforms into Dirk Diggler.


What is Eddie doing for a living when the film opens?

Eddie starts as a dishwasher at the Reseda Club in Hollywood. Maurice Rodriguez is Eddie's boss -- he owns the club, but dreams of starring in an adult film.


What character is played by Burt Reynolds?

Burt Reynolds stars as adult filmmaker Jack Horner. He is the one who discovers Eddie and acts as a father figure of sorts to him as he becomes Dirk Diggler. Jack manages to surround himself with sex, but he seems to view the act from afar -- keeping himself separate from the chaos and drama.


What is the name of the porn star who lives with Jack?

Red-haired Julianne Moore plays a porn star named Amber Waves. She lives with Jack and helps ease Eddie's transition into the industry.


What is the name of Heather Graham's character in the film?

Heather Graham plays a young women who goes by the name Rollergirl because she never takes off her skates -- even in bed. She fell into porn after dropping out of school.


What bad habit does Little Bill Thompson's wife have?

Little Bill repeatedly finds his wife doing the deed with other men -- often in front of an audience. She usually dismisses her husband during these trysts, warning him that he is embarrassing her. William H. Macy plays Little Bill in the film.


Who is the sound tech with a crush on Dirk?

Scotty the sound guy has a serious crush on porn star Dirk. Philip Seymour Hoffman stars as the curious crew member.


True or false: Dirk is close to his mom.

Dirk's mom is an abusive alcoholic who calls him a loser and criticizes him at every turn. It's a fight with his mom that finally drives him out of the family home and into the home of porn maker Jack Horner.


Who is the first woman Dirk sleeps with on camera?

A very gentle Amber Waves guides Dirk through his first onscreen sex scene. In the scene, Dirk plays an actor named John who is auditioning for a part in an adult film -- not a big stretch by any means.


What is the name of the character played by Don Cheadle?

Cheadle had a breakout role playing Buck Swope, a country-music-loving porn star who dresses in classic Western wear. Samuel L. Jackson was offered the part first, but turned it down, leaving it free for Cheadle.


Where does the Colonel first ask to see Dirk's most famous asset?

The Colonel finances all of Jack's films, making him an important part of the business. When introduced to his newest star at the pool, he politely asks to see the appendage that makes Dirk so famous -- and seems impressed by the view.


What is the name of Dirk's buddy, played by John C. Reilly?

While Reed Rothchild -- aka Chest Rockwell -- never reaches the height of fame that Dirk does, he crashes and burns just as badly when the two move in together after leaving Jack.


Who is Dirk's action-star alter ego?

As his star soars in the world of porn, Dirk starts working on a series of X-rated action films with Jack. He plays Brock Landers, a traditional action hero who just happens to have sex on screen.


Who introduces Dirk to cocaine?

Amber Waves, real name Maggie, lost her son to her neglect and cocaine addition. She introduces Dirk to the drug, and the porn star does his first line of cocaine on New Year's Eve under Amber's direction.


Who dies on New Year's Eve 1979?

When he finds his wife in bed with another man yet again, Little Bill shoots her, then turns the gun on himself during a 1979 New Year's Eve party.


Who replaces Dirk as Jack's newest star?

A combination of a swollen ego and a terrible cocaine addiction leaves Dirk paranoid and unable to perform. To keep the business afloat, Jack brings in newcomer Johnny Doe -- much to the anger of Dirk.


What industry do Dirk and Reed go into after splitting with Jack?

Dirk and Reed are convinced they are going to be mainstream stars after splitting with Jack. They head to the studio to record a demo, but can't pay to release the tapes -- which stalls their music career in its tracks.


Why is the Colonel sent to prison?

The cops show up at the Colonel's home after a woman overdoses on his property. While they are there, they uncover a treasure trove of child porn, landing the Colonel in the slammer and putting an end to his business relationship with Jack.


What change does Floyd Gondolli want to make to Jack's business?

Floyd Gondolli joins forces with Jack after the Colonel is out of the picture and Jack is forced to find new financing. Under Gondolli's direction, Jack switches from film to videotapes because they are cheaper. Jack is frustrated with the move, because he feels it takes the art out of his work.


Who has sex in a limo with Jack watching?

By the '80s, Jack is looking for new film ideas. He takes Rollergirl on a limo ride so she can pick up strangers to sleep with on camera. Unfortunately, she runs into a guy she used to know, who makes her feel bad about her place in life.


Who does Jessie St. Vincent marry?

Former porn star Jessie marries Buck Swope, who wants to open a stereo shop but can't get a loan because of his background.


Where does Buck get the money for his new store?

Buck witnesses a robbery at a donut shop while picking up a treat for his pregnant wife. Both the robber and the clerk are killed in a shootout, leaving a bag full of money on the floor. Buck grabs the money and heads for the door, using his windfall to start the business he always dreamed about.


True or false: Dirk turns to prostitution to support his cocaine addiction.

At his lowest point, Dirk becomes a prostitute to fuel his addiction. He is jumped by a group of guys, who beat him up because they assume he is gay.


How much do Dirk and his friends make by selling a half-kilo of "cocaine" to Rahad Jackson?

Desperate for money, Dirk, Reed and their buddy Todd pack baking soda into a bag and sell it for $5,000 to crazed drug dealer Rahad Jackson. Things end badly at Jackson's house, with Todd getting killed in a shootout.


Who does Dirk go to for help when he hits rock bottom?

When DIrk finally realizes that he needs help, he heads to Jack's place, where Jack and Amber welcome him back into the business. As the film ends, Dirk is preparing to shoot a new adult film.


What talent does Reed use to make a living after porn?

Reed is a talented magician. He puts on magic shows in a strip club to make a living after his porn career is over.


True or false: Rollergirl commits suicide at the end of the film.

Rollergirl's story has a happy ending. As the film concludes, viewers see her going back to school to get her degree.


Where is Dirk when the audience finally gets to see his most famous "asset"?

Dirk finally shows what all the talk is about when he's in his dressing room at the end of the film, giving himself a pep talk before going on set.


Which actor did the director originally want to play Eddie?

Director Paul Thomas Anderson wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for the part of Eddie, but DiCaprio turned it down to star in "Titanic." He recommended that Anderson check out his friend Mark Wahlberg, who he just starred with in "The Basketball Diaries." DiCaprio later called turning down "Boogie Nights" his biggest regret.


True or false: The film was inspired by the rise and fall of John Holmes.

While he was still in high school, director Paul Thomas Anderson made a short mockumentary about porn legend John Holmes, which he called "The Dirk Diggler Story." He later used this short film as inspiration for the box office hit "Boogie Nights."


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