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In the southern region of Alaska you will find the Glacier Bay National Park, regarded as one of the finest of all the national parks. Join us in exploring this wonderland of glaciers, snow-topped mountains and beaches by taking this quiz.

Where is the Glacier Bay National Park situated?

It is in Southeastern Alaska.


How big is this park?

It covers an area of 3,283,246 acres.


When was the park established?

It was established in 1980.


Why is it considered a living laboratory?

Scientists there can study the natural processes that occur when a glacier retreats.


Why is this area so special?

The ice is moving back from the sea very rapidly in the fastest recorded retreat.


How do you get into the park?

Since it is not accessible by car, you need to fly in.


Why is this park considered one of the "crown jewels" of the national park system?

Its diverse natural habitats, ranging from snow-capped mountain ranges through deep fjords to freshwater lakes, earned it this title.


How many tidewater glaciers are there?

There are 16 huge tidewater glaciers.


What is the largest marine mammal in the waters of the park?

The humpback whale is the said to be the largest visitor to the waters of the park.


How many species of birds are found in the park?

There are about 200 species.


What kind of fish frequent the area?

You have halibut and salmon.


What is the main diet of the humpback whales?

They feed mainly on tiny krill.


Why do the harbor seals give birth to their pups on the icebergs?

They provide shelter from marauding wolves and bears.


How tall is Mount Fairweather?

It rises to a height of 15,300 feet (4,663 meters).


How did Mount Fairweather get its name?

Quite simply, it was named for the only kind of weather in which the peak can be seen.


Where can you photograph a magnificent view of land meeting sea at dawn?

George Island is an ideal spot for land and sea pictures.


What can happen after the retreat of a glacier?

In today's areas of ice you could have grass next year.


How were the glaciers formed?

They were formed when more snow fell during the winter than melted in the summer.


What do you have in the southern end of the bay from where the glaciers first departed?

You now have a lush rain forest of spruce and hemlock.


What is the name given by the Tlingit Indians to the sound of the huge chunks of ice breaking away from the moving glacier?

The very descriptive name they gave was "white thunder."


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