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Have you cleaned your eyeglasses once again, but still find your computer screen blurry? Could be your screen needs cleaning -- but don't just reach for that bottle of window cleaner. Take our quiz to discover the best method for cleaning your laptop screen -- it may be that glass cleaner does more damage than good.

When was glass cleaner a safe product to use on screens?

A few decades ago, glass cleaner was a safe multi-purpose cleaner, suitable for use on many household items, including computer and television screens.


What is the principle ingredient which makes glass cleaner a bad choice for cleaning modern day screens?

Ammonia is the principle ingredient cited for making glass cleaner a bad choice for modern day screens. Truth be told, there are other compounds in the mixture which are also damaging to screens.


What damage does glass cleaner do to modern day screens?

Modern day screens are coated with anti-glare and anti-static film, which will crack and yellow after multiple applications of glass cleaners.


How can you know if glass cleaner is safe to use on your particular electronic device?

Read your manufacturer's instructions for advice on how to clean it. Do not use glass cleaner unless it says it is okay, because the effect is cumulative and you may not see the damage until after multiple applications.


What is the recommended method for cleaning a computer screen?

Wipe the screen gently with a soft cloth moistened with distilled water or a vinegar solution.


What should the ratio of a vinegar and water solution for cleaning computer screens be?

If your manufacturer's guide doesn't suggest a cleaning method, then use a vinegar mixture: 50/50, or one part vinegar to one part water.


What should you never use to clean a glass screen?

Never clean a glass screen with paper towels; they leave lint and streaks across the screen.


If using a manufacturer's approved cleaning solution, how should you apply it to your electronic device?

Never spray anything directly onto your computer. Spray some product on a soft cloth.


What are some ingredients you should keep clear of when it comes to cleaning your computer screen?

Keep these chemicals away from your computer screen: acetone, ethyl alcohol, ethyl acid, methyl chloride and toluene.


What should you use if a wet cloth doesn't take the grime off your screen?

Use a microfiber or optical cloth instead; they have dense hairs that grab hold of the grime. Don't rub too vigorously, or you will crush the pixels in the screen.


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