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These days there are a range of glues available. Different glues are better for specific materials and purposes. Choosing the right glue will help a quick fix last longer. See how much you know about different glues by taking this quiz.

What sort of materials is PVA glue good for?

PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue is a white, liquid glue that is good for use on porous materials such as wood, paper, cloth, non structural wood-to-wood bonds and porous pottery. It takes about one hour to set. School glue is a type of white glue, but it dries more slowly. PVA glue is inexpensive and non-flammable and it dries clear.


Which of the following is a characteristic of an epoxy?

Epoxies are made from resin and hardener. The two parts are mixed just before use. Epoxies are very strong, durable and water resistant, making them good for use on metal, ceramic, plastic and rubber surfaces, although they are not recommended for flexible surfaces. Epoxies dry clear or amber and are generally more expensive than other adhesives.


Cyanoacrylate is a multi-purpose glue which is commonly known as:

Cyanoacrylate is also known as super or instant glue. It is similar in character to an epoxy but it comes in one-part. Super glue should be applied sparingly to metal, ceramic, glass, plastic or rubber surfaces, but it should not be used on flexible surfaces.


What is the problem with contact cement?

Contact cement is applied to both surfaces that are to be stuck together and the surfaces are then pressed together. They make an instant bond but cannot be repositioned once contact has been made.


To what temperature can glue gun adhesive be heated?

A glue gun can heat adhesive to above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The problem with this glue is that the adhesive will melt if exposed to high temperatures, so this glue is only recommended as a temporary bond.


Which type of glue is very similar to yellow glue?

Yellow glue is a wood glue that is similar to white glue but it is slightly stronger.


Why is plastic resin glue not recommended for use on outdoor furniture?

Plastic resin glue is another type of wood glue that is water resistant but not waterproof. Therefore, it is not recommended for use on outdoor furniture.


What affects the time it takes for resorcinol glue to dry?

The curing time of resorcinol glue, another type of wood glue, depends on temperature and humidity. It can take anywhere between eight to 24 hours to dry.


When selecting a silicone rubber adhesive to use on glass or ceramics, what do you need to look for?

You should only use silicone adhesives that are specifically made for glass and china. Silicone rubber adhesives form very strong bonds and are very water and temperature resistant.


Where would you use steel epoxy glue?

Steel epoxy is a glue used on metals due to its strong and durable nature. You would use it to patch up gutters and gas tanks, to seal pipes or to fill rust holes.


Steel putty is a metal putty that consists of two putties of different consistencies that are _____ together.

The two putties are kneaded together before use, forming a strong, water-resistant bond. This type of glue is used for sealing pipes under minimal pressure or for ceramic and masonry materials.


What advantage does plastic metal cement offer?

Plastic metal cement is moisture resistant. However, it cannot withstand extreme temperatures and should not be used where strength is required. It can be used on metal, glass, concrete and wood.


Why may it be difficult to glue plastics?

Solvents found in adhesives can dissolve plastic, so it can be difficult to find one that will glue plastics without causing damage.


Model cement is used for gluing plastics. What color is model cement when dry?

Model cement dries clear. It can be used on most plastics, except plastic foam.


How is acrylic solvent applied to plastics?

Acrylic solvents bond plastic surfaces by melting the acrylic and fusing the surfaces together. The surfaces that need to be bonded are clamped or taped together and the solvent is injected with a syringe into the joint. It takes only about five minutes for the solvent to set.


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