Go Bass Fishing and We'll Tell You What Weight Lunker You'll Catch

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Load up the truck, and head out fishing with us! The way you put together your trip, cast your line, and reel in a huge bass will predict the weight when you pull it out of the water. Will you set a world's record, or will you have a whopper to tell around the campfire later?

With a world's record of 24 pounds, we're not going fishing for anything small. In fact, we're rooting for you to pull the biggest bass out of the water that has ever been recorded! Use your expert fish whispering skills to the biggest catch possible, and we will tell you how you did. 

The way you respond to our questions about your fishing trip will tell us more about you than your fishing buddies could ever figure out. Most importantly, it will tell us how your fishing skills translate to the weight of your bass. Are you going to reel in a new world's record, or are you going to catch your personal best? Either way, you are going to get to enjoy a fishing trip without the mosquitos! 

Grab your tackle box, and don't forget the beer! How big will your bass be? 

Who would you take fishing with you?

Other than bass, which fish would you like to catch?

How long have you been into fishing?

How many days do you like to stay out on a fishing trip?

Do you clean your own catch?

What is your favorite way to cook your catch?

What kind of vehicle would you take on your fishing trip?

Which kind of bait do you like most?

What type of fishing do you prefer?

Would you wear hip waders while fishing?

Do you prefer to fish for bass in rivers or creeks?

How many poles would you take?

Do you set more than one line at a time?

Do you prefer catfish fishing or bass fishing?

Which state would you love to visit for fishing?

Do you build a campfire while you are fishing?

What is the maximum weight you would throw back?

Which piece of fishing equipment is most important?

Do you use a fishing net?

Do you prefer to fish from shore or on a boat?

How quiet are you when you are fishing?

How do you deal with bugs when you are fishing?

Do you like to drink while you're fishing?

What do you like most about bass fishing?

How big was the one that got away?

Who taught you how to fish?

What sport do you like almost as much as fishing?

Have you ever entered a fishing tournament?

What time of year is best for bass fishing?

Do you have a favorite fishing hole?

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