Go to Brunch and We'll Guess if You're in Your 20s or 30s

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Brunch is one of those marvelous portmanteau words that is more than just the combining of two other meals into one very special meal. Sure, it's literally "breakfast" and "lunch" mashed together, but it's so much more than that. It's the ultimate social occasion for people who want to lie in on the weekends or walk their dog or go to the gym early, and then cram all their dating and socializing into the morning, so they don't have to secretly sort of dread it for the rest of the day. It's also the best possible post-hangover meet-up for those who went too hard last night and need a little more time in the morning to put their best self together.

How you approach brunch - as a social proactive or as a post-blitz zombie - tells us a lot about you. It's also useful to know whether you're lavishly dining at a fancy place complete with eggs Benedict, glasses made of actual glass, and cloth napkins, or whether you're doing things diner-style at a place that will kick you out if you go 40 minutes without ordering. Tell us your brunch behavior, and we'll pinpoint whether you're a mid-Millennial or an older member of Generation Z!

What time do you arrive?

Who is there?

How did you get there?

What will you spend on yourself?

What are you wearing on your body?

What are you wearing on your head?

Are you dining al fresco?

Are you tired?

First seating or second seating?

Did you make a reservation?

Are you getting bacon?

What eggs are you getting?

Tea or coffee?

Juice or water?

Real sugar or sweetener?

What's the table setting like?

How long will you spend?

How far ahead of arriving did you wake up?

What else did you do that morning?

What's on your calendar for later in the day?

Who's watching the kids?

Your work colleague walks in and is waiting for a table. Do you ask them to join you?

As you brunch, where is your phone?

Will you smoke at brunch?

Are you hungover?

Something's wrong with your order. What do you do?

Do you bring your dog?

Is brunch a good time to date?

Do you think brunch is the most bourgeois meal?

How often do you brunch?

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