Go Hunting and We'll Tell You Which Dog to Adopt

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Humans have used many kinds of animals to assist in hunting, but none is so widely used as dogs. Dogs come in myriad breeds, each with a specific purpose in hunting. This trend started in earnest in the 1800s, and it continues today, with countless pure breeds and hybrids all over the world.

Pointers, for example, are bred for the specific purpose of finding game. Their "instinct" to kill is tempered to the point where it stops after locating prey. Retrievers are bred to, yes, retrieve dead game from the bush. Flushing dogs are used to force game out of its hiding place and into the range of the hunters.

Within these categories are dozens of breeds, each with its own disposition, level of athleticism, and specialty in hunting. Not every hunter is after deer or birds. Some people hunt badgers, for which there are specialty breeds. Some hunters who hunt on the water need dogs who can happily stay in the shallows without getting cold or irritated by the water.

So which dog breed should you adopt? First, take this quiz, tell us about your hunting proclivities and we'll use our team of experts to determine which dog breed best suits your needs.

What kind of gun do you use?

What time of year do you like to go hunting?

Do you go hunting alone, or as part of a group?

Do you belong to any hunting clubs?

What kind of weather do you like best for hunting?

Which of these describes your hunting jacket?

How do you carry your ammo?

Do you like rough shooting?

Do you hunt on public land?

What do you think of urban hunters?

What do you think of big game hunting?

What do you think of shooting birds?

How do you feel about deer hunting?

Do you ever engage in trapping?

Are you a survivalist?

What do you do with the game you've shot?

Have you ever tried your hand at bow hunting?

Have you ever gone spear fishing?

What sort of footwear do you don for hunting?

Have you ever gone fox hunting?

Do you ever hunt to cull local vermin?

Where do you live?

What other purpose would you primarily have for your hunting dog?

How expensive is your gun?

Do you have any shooting aids?

How good a shot are you?

Do you hunt on foot, or do you ride something?

Do you use camouflage?

Do you ever shoot from a blind or a perch?

Do you ever hunt on your own land?

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