Quiz: Go on a Fishing Trip and We'll Guess Where You'd Rank in the Navy
Go on a Fishing Trip and We'll Guess Where You'd Rank in the Navy
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Anton / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Who doesn't love a fishing trip? There's nothing more delightful than the open water and a chance to catch your own supper by matching your wits against Mother Nature and her minions. You get a little fresh air, as much exercise as you can bear (easily tailored to your health and mobility), and if you catch anything, you earn yourself a lovely meal and perpetual bragging rights!

Of course, not all fishing trips are created equal. Some are pricey voyages to private land where you need permits or the landowner's friendship to get access. They're expensive, even a little glamorous, and involve a lot in the way of organization and equipment. Other fishing trips involve heading on down to the bayou to tickle yourself some catfish, and these can be planned at short notice and thrown together by just about anything. Most are something in between, and all can be enjoyable, as long as they meet your particular needs.

This means that how you fish tells us a lot about you, including how much risk you enjoy, what your organizational skills are, who you like to hang out with, whether you're leadership material, and much more. All of that adds up to a lot of information about your military potential! So tell us a little about your ideal fishing trip, and we'll figure out how high you'd rise in the Navy!

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What sort of fish are you after?

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Would you cook your catch on a campfire?

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Who goes fishing with you?

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Which is better -- rivers, lakes, or the sea?

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Who organizes the food?

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How do you get to the place where you fish?

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How many hours of fishing are too many?

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Do you know how to make the fly move on the water like a real fly?

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What do you do when the fish swims towards you?

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If you're in a smaller boat, how does that boat get around?

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Who taught you to fish?

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What sound do you like to hear while fishing?

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If you fall in the water and get all wet, is the day ruined?

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