Go on a Hunting Trip and We’ll Give You a Military Nickname

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It must have been a strange day in prehistory for humans when other humans mounted their first hunting trip. How long do you think it was until those early people came up with a word for war? Though war has changed over the centuries, much of how it is done at the very macro level remains unchanged. Strategy is more or less the same.

Sun Tzu, Julius Caesar, Miyamoto Musashi, Niccolo Machiavelli, Yagyu Munenori and Norman Schwarzkopf all used essentially the same ideas, just with different weapons. Similarly, military culture has remained very similar to its ancient roots. Soldiers' virtues are more or less the same: obedience, discipline, skill and toughness, but the language has changed. These days, calling someone Kilroy doesn't mean the same thing it did in World War II, and cultural references today would make no sense to people from a thousand years ago. As a result, names changed and nicknames change. According to legend, Musashi was not Musashi's name at birth. Perhaps the same was true for Sun Tzu. So how does one earn a military nickname?

We have come up with a way to give you one without the hassle of enlisting at a time of war. We will simulate a hunting trip for you, and you will act as you would, choose-your-own-adventure style. From this, we'll come up with your nom de guerre. Ready to try? Take the quiz!

Who do you invite on this trip?

What kind of dog do you bring on this trip?

When do you want to go hunting?

You're offered a muzzle loader. Which one would you want?

Your buddy offers you a bow. He'll even carry it for you! Which kind would you like?

What kind of 308 rifle would you like to shoulder for this trip?

You need to ATV it out to the cabin. Which ATV will you ride?

What will you have for dinner at the cabin, the night before the hunt?

What do you sleep in, the night before going out to hunt?

How early do you get up the day of the hunt?

What do you have for breakfast?

It's snowed a lot overnight and you have to go a long way. How do you want to get to your spot?

There's a sound! Where do you want to be when a furious bear comes within range?

While trudging through a muddy river, your gun gets pretty filthy. What do you do?

You're worried about being sensed by game. What should you do?

You're dressing your first kill, and it gets pretty messy. How do you clean up after?

One of your buddies gets bitten by a snake! What do you do?

Your snake-bitten friend rolls over in pain, sticking a hand in a bear trap! What do you do?

It turns out all your hunting buddies were just pulling a prank on you. How do you react?

You've got to hike over a mountain, but you might run into game. What do you plan so you don't miss out on an opportunity?

It's time for a drink before the next drive. What kind of beer will you have?

How many beers will you drink before picking up your gun again?

Your second drive is a disappointment. How do you handle it?

The weather gets bad. What's the plan?

Your pal's gun malfunctions. What do you do?

By the end of the day, you've got a nice haul. How do you celebrate?

That night, it turns out one of the deer isn't dead, but it's in the cabin with you. What do you do?

What do you do with your kills when all is said and done?

Do you respond to that prank your friends pulled on you?

How soon before you go hunting again?

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