Go on a Summer Road Trip and We’ll Guess Which U.S. State You Grew Up In

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Ahh, the warm summer months. Filled with sunshine, water parks, ice cream and flip flops, this season is considered to be a favorite among many people. But for some folks, summer isn't just about playing outside or tanning at a beach. The warm weather also calls for a much-needed road trip, and that's what this quiz is all about! Pack your bags and bring some snacks with you, because we're about to journey through the United States on a scenic road trip!

Even if you're not a fan of road trips or you don't go on many road trips during the year, you're still eligible to take this quiz! Just use your imagination and tell us where you want to go. After all, a road trip is a fun way to explore new parts of this country, as well as meet some new friends along the way. And if nothing else, at least you'll come back to your hometown with some great stories to tell. And speaking of your hometown, we'll bet that we can guess where you grew up based on how you plan a summer road trip. If this sounds like fun to you, take our adventurous quiz now!

Does a summer road trip call for a car full of friends or a long journey by yourself?

Which of these vehicles would you want to drive on a long summer road trip?

How long could you drive on the road before feeling the need to rest?

You eventually need to rest somewhere. Where would you take a nap after several hours of driving?

Would you blast the air conditioning unit in your car or roll the windows down for some fresh air?

Games are a fun way to pass the time. What kinds of games would you want to play on a summer road trip?

If you could take a road trip to any region of the United States, where would you want to go?

Is it more fun to go on an impromptu road trip or plan out everything in advance?

You spot a pretty hiking trail while driving on a road. Do you pull over and go on a quick hike?

Would you use any maps on a road trip or do you know the directions in your head?

Would you go on a summer road trip from New Mexico to Connecticut?

You eventually need to stop at a restroom. How many bathroom breaks would you take on a summer road trip?

A summer road trip calls for some much-needed snacks! What kinds of snacks will you be bringing?

Do you think that you would pull over to snap a few scenic pictures on a summer road trip?

Which of these scenic U.S. routes would you love to drive on?

Which one of these beverages would you pick to keep you awake during a long road trip?

A long road trip calls for some great tunes. Which of these songs awakens the spirit of a road trip?

Would you drive the speed limit on a highway or do you prefer to drive at 100 mph?

If your car were to break down on a highway, would you know how to fix it?

Which of these small towns would you like to visit during a summer road trip?

There are lots of great things about taking a road trip. What's the best part for you?

The United States is filled with gorgeous national parks. Which of these would you want to visit during a summer road trip?

What is the best kind of souvenir to acquire when visiting another city or state?

How do you feel about heavy traffic during a summer road trip?

Which of these weather conditions would you be willing to drive through to get from point A to point B?

Would you pack a light amount of gear for a road trip or would you need a few suitcases of stuff?

Do you think that you could go on a summer road trip without your phone?

Let's say you just got pulled over by a police officer on a road trip. What would you say to them?

Is it more fun to drive during the early morning hours or the dusk hours?

Does a road trip call for some books, podcasts or watching movies on a laptop?

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