Go Shopping at Spencer's and We'll Give You a Stripper Name!

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Did you know that the company that founded Spencer's is over 70 years old? In 1947, the company that would eventually become Spencer's was a mail order company. Sixteen years later, in 1963, the first Spencer's Gifts opened up in New Jersey's Cherry Hill Mall. By the end of the 1970s, it grew into a nationwide chain. In 2003, Spencer's Gifts changed management and was reimagined to keep things fresh,  One of the first things to change? The word "Gifts" was dropped from the store's name. In addition to the name change, the interior of the store went from your typical mall set up to a trendy industrial look, which won over more shoppers.

Just like many stores, Spencer's donates money to worthy causes. The difference between Spencer's and the other stores is that not only has Spencer's given money to charities, but they've done it through a foundation they founded: Boobies Make Me Smile. This foundation funnels money to three different organizations, all associated with cancer in young people; not only support but also researching and through education.  

If there is one thing that is known about the journey one takes to get from point a to point b, especially when you're first starting out, is that sometimes money is tight. And when those times are tight, you may want to get a little extra money. How? How about stripping? But what will your name be? Take this quiz to find out!

How long have you been shopping at Spencer's?

What is your favorite thing about Spencer's?

What was the first thing you purchased from Spencer's?

Are you shopping alone or do you have a posse?

When you go into the store, what's the first section you hit?

What song would you strip to?

Would you use a prop when you made your entrance?

When you were in school, which group were you in?

One of the items that Spencer's is known for is lava lamps. Which one would you consider purchasing?

What kind of shoes are you going to be performing in?

When you're not performing, what would you do to help out at the bar?

What kind of t-shirt would you buy at Spencer's?

Have you ever bought a gag gift?

If you were to use a prop during your dance, which one would you use?

Why are you thinking of becoming a stripper?

Would you use body glitter?

What kind of accessory would you buy from Spencer's?

What kind of stripping are you interested in doing?

What would you do with a handsy customer?

What kind of toys would you purchase?

What kind of naughty device would you buy?

What kind of pet accessory would you buy?

Which comic book hero is your favorite?

Would you ever dance with an animal?

What kind of home decor would you buy from Spencer's?

Which of these class prank items would you buy?

Would you ever go into the champagne room?

Have you ever played beer pong?

Your significant other caught you doing something you shouldn't have. What gift would you buy them?

Do you think you're going to make stripping your full-time career?

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