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Goldfish are a favorite pet for many U.S. children, but adult supervision is necessary for the maintenance of the goldfish bowl or aquarium. Keep your pet goldfish healthy with regular care. Take this quiz to learn more about caring for your goldfish.

What is an indication that you should keep on going past a pet store?

If the pet shop has dirty fish tanks or dead fish in the window, keep on walking.


What may be the behavior of an ill goldfish?

The goldfish may be ill if it is gulping for air, swimming in a jerky fashion, lying on its side or rubbing against things.


How many eggs may a goldfish eject when spawning?

A goldfish may eject as many as 1,000 eggs.


How long does it take for goldfish eggs to hatch?

Goldfish eggs hatch in about three to seven days.


What do goldfish eat?

Goldfish eat animals and plants. In most pet stores, you may purchase flaked fish food specifically for gold fish.


What people food may goldfish enjoy?

You may feed your goldfish boiled spinach, peas, cauliflower or broccoli.


How much should you feed goldfish?

Feed goldfish whatever amount they can consume in five minutes.


How may aquarium plants reduce stress for goldfish?

When goldfish become alarmed, they hide behind the plants.


Why should an aquarium be covered?

The cover may keep things out of the tank such as dirt or cats, and keep the fish in.


Why is it important to keep your aquarium clean?

A dirty aquarium may cause your fish to be weak or sick, so clean your aquarium to help fish stay strong and healthy.


Who should clean the aquarium?

Cleaning the aquarium is not child's play, so let a young adult or grownup do this task.


Before adding the goldfish, how long should you wait for the chlorine to disappear from the water?

Wait 24 hours for the chlorine to disappear.


How old are goldfish when they first mate?

Goldfish begin mating when they are about two years old.


What are young goldfish called?

The young fish are called fry. Forget about frying the fry, they are too small, only 1/16th to 1/8th an inch (0.16 to 0.32 cm).


What are the symptoms of velvet disease in goldfish?

If a goldfish has velvet disease, if will have a soft, yellowish coating on its back.


How can you help goldfish sleep?

Turn out the aquarium lighting, so the goldfish can get some rest.


What creates the bubbles in an aquarium?

An air pump makes the bubbles, and the bubbles help goldfish breathe.


Why should you occasionally stir up the gravel on the bottom of the aquarium?

To prevent gravel from forming a buildup of scum, give it an occasional stir.


How often should you remove a portion of the aquarium water, and replace it with fresh, chlorinated water?

Every week, remove about 1/4 of the tank water, and replace it with fresh, chlorinated water.


How does the male goldfish fertilize the eggs?

He deposits milt onto the eggs by squirting.


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