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Did you always wonder if Peter and Alicia would end up together? Or would it be Alicia and Jason? Or Alicia and someone else? See how much you know about "The Good Wife" with this quiz.

Who played the lead character in the series "The Good Wife"?

Julianna Margulies played Alicia Florrick in the series "The Good Wife."


Who else was considered for the lead role?

Actresses Ashley Judd and Helen Hunt both turned down the role of Alicia Florrick.


Before starring on "The Good Wife", what show did Julianna Margulies appear on?

Margulies was best known for her role as nurse Carol Hathaway in the long-running series "ER."


What inspired the premise of "The Good Wife"?

The series was partly inspired by the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal as well as other sex scandals involving Bill Clinton and John Edwards. Often the humiliated wife is shown on TV standing next to her husband while he apologizes at a press conference for various indiscretions or crimes.


What is Alicia Florrick's maiden name?

It's Cavanaugh.


What's the name of the law firm where she worked?

Stern, Lockhart and Gardner was the name of the law firm Alicia Florrick worked for, at least in the first season. The name changed over the course of the series depending on who were the partners.


What is investigator Kalinda Sharma's signature fashion item?

Originally Kalinda (played by Archie Punjabi) wore pumps but Punjabi felt that boots "grounded her in the character."


What political office did "The Good Wife" character Peter Florrick hold before going to prison?

Peter was the Cook County state's attorney before going to prison. The character's conviction was eventually overturned and he was successfully re-elected to his position.


Which city is the setting for the series?

Chicago is the setting for "The Good Wife." Greater Chicago encompasses 237 square miles of land and is home to approximately 2.6 million residents.


Before playing Peter Florrick, what show was actor Chris Noth on?

Noth was Carrie Bradshaw's Mr. Big on "Sex and the City." Before that, he was a regular on "Law & Order."


Who was Eli Gold, Peter Florrick's chief of staff, loosely based on?

Like Gold, Emmanuel is Jewish and was chief of staff, but for President Barack Obama. Emmanuel is now mayor of Chicago.


What job did Diane Lockhart's husband Kurt McVeigh hold?

McVeigh got to testify several times in court in his role as ballistics expert. Although he was conservative and Lockhart was liberal theirs was a happy union — most of the time.


Which actress portrayed the character Diane Lockhart?

Christine Baranski was nominated for six Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Diane Lockhart.


Which city was the series "The Good Wife" filmed in?

Most filming for the series "The Good Wife" was done in New York City. The pilot for the series was shot in Canada and filming was planned to continue there until Julianna Margulies convinced producers to film in New York City.


What was the name of the drug dealer whom the firm represented numerous times?

It was Lemond Bishop, though the lawyers always said they only handled his "legitimate businesses" not his drug empire.


Which character said, "I am the smartest person I know"?

Yep, it was Gold who said, "I am the smartest person I know." Eli Gold was played by actor Alan Cumming.


True or false: The creators of "The Good Wife" are brother and sister

The husband-and-wife team of Robert and Michelle King, were the creators of the series "The Good Wife." The Kings are now working on a political comedy/drama series, "Brain Dead," which they co-created.


Why did Will and Alicia break up?

Grace went missing and Alicia felt guilty for being irresponsible. Fans kept wondering if Will and Alicia would get back together.


Which guest star was injured on the set of "The Good Wife" by falling lighting equipment?

Actress Kristin Chenoweth was injured by a piece of lighting equipment in a freak on-set accident on July 11, 2012. Chenoweth was taken to the hospital by ambulance and treated for a skull fracture and rib and hip injuries.


Who played the role of conniving lawyer Louis Canning?

Michael J. Fox played the conniving Louis Canning, who was not above using his medical condition tardive dyskinesia (which caused erratic body movements) to gain sympathy in court. Fox, in real life, has Parkinson's.


During which televised sporting event did CBS announce the final season of the series?

CBS announced the approaching end of the series at the end of the second quarter of Super Bowl 50. At the time, there were only nine first-run episodes remaining.


Which actor played the role of Will Gardner?

Actor Josh Charles played the role of Will Gardner.Charles won the People's Choice Award in 2014 for Favorite Dramatic TV Actor.


How did Will Gardner die in season five of "The Good Wife"?

In season five, episode 15 Gardner was shot by a client. Actor Josh Charles had planned to leave the series during season four and was convinced to stay through part of season five in order to write a suitable exit for his character.


What was the name of Alicia's love interest in the final season?

Jason Crouse originally was Alicia's private investigator when she started her own firm. He soon juggled that with being her lover.


Who played Cary Agos?

Cary Agos, the Harvard-educated rival of Alicia, was played by the actor Matt Czuchry.


What were names of Peter and Alicia's kids?

Alicia and Peter Florrick had two children: Grace and Zach Florrick. The characters were played by actors Makenzie Vega and Graham Phillips, respectively.


How many episodes of the series "The Good Wife" were produced?

Julianna Margulies, Matt Czuchry and Christine Baranski were the only cast members to appear in all 156 episodes.


"The Good Wife" was praised for what in particular:

While all of these were aspects of the show, it was particularly praised for its handling of technological issues and the law, including NSA surveillance, Bitcoin and internet privacy.


How many seasons did "The Good Wife" run for?

From the beginning, creators Robert and Michelle King made it known they had a seven-year plan for the show.


"The Good Wife" ended on a very shocking note. What happened?

The series ended controversially with Alicia getting slapped by her one-time friend Diane after Alicia humiliated Diane and her husband in court. The Kings said they wanted to end the series with a slap, just as it had begun with Alicia slapping Peter for cheating. In other words, Alicia had become as conniving as her husband.


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