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The Google Chrome Web browser is full of fun and useful features. How much do you know about Chrome? Surf through this quiz to find out!

According to StatCounter, what was the most popular Web browser worldwide at the end of June 2012?

This one is a little tricky. In July of 2012, StatCounter, an analytics tools company that uses page views to track browser usage, reported that in the previous month, Chrome had edged out Internet Explorer by a narrow margin to become the world's most popular browser. The statistic was run (and debated) by several tech and business news outlets. Analysts caution, however, that this data was skewed by usage in some regions of Asia and South America. In most countries, Chrome did not own the No. 1 spot in the summer of 2012.


What's the name of the technology that the Chrome browser uses to keep you safe from malware and phishing?

Google has leveraged its resources as the top Internet search engine to create Safe Browsing, a technology that warns you before opening any site detected as having malware or phishing attacks.


Google's primary goal for Chrome was to optimize the browser for what activity?

Chrome is designed to be, first and foremost, a portal for Web applications, including Google's popular suite of apps like Gmail and Google calendar.


The Chrome browser is very simple with only a few features built in. How can you extend the features and functions to Chrome?

The Chrome Web Store lets you choose from a variety of browser extensions that enhance your Chrome experience as well as applications (apps) that run within the Chrome browser.


How often will the Chrome browser prompt you to check for updates?

This is a tricky one! Chrome regularly updates itself with no need for action on your part. So, rather than prompting you to check for updates, Chrome checks and applies its updates automatically.


What's the advantage of sandboxing in the Chrome browser?

Sandboxing is a browser feature that blocks certain behavior from scripts that run on Web sites. This includes Web pages that try to install malware or capture private information.


True or false: Chromium is the original name of Chrome.

Chromium is the name of the open source project behind the Chrome browser. Chromium OS, likewise, is the open source project behind the Chrome OS. The Chromium projects breathe life into Chrome by adding innovative new features and helpful bug fixes.


Where should Chrome browser users go to download extensions, apps and themes?

The Chrome Web Store is to the Chrome browser what the Android Market is to Android smartphone and tablet users: a central marketplace for people to both contribute and download free and for-cost content. For Chrome, this content includes extensions, apps and themes.


What label does the Chrome browser use for the extra features you can install to enhance your browsing experience?

Extensions let you enhance and customize your browsing experience in the Chrome browser. Extensions require very little or no user interface to perform their tasks.


What makes a Chrome app different from an extension?

While an extension has little or no user interface and serves to enhance the browser, an app has its own user interface and uses the browser only as its running environment.


Who can publish content to the Chrome Web Store?

As it has done with the Android Market, Google has opened the Chrome Web Store so that anyone with an itch to develop content can make a contribution. As in other community-driven marketplaces, positive user reviews are a developer's key to success in the Chrome Web Store.


Where can you find the apps you've currently installed in your Chrome browser?

Some apps have shortcut links or notifications next to the address bar, but not all of them. To access any of the apps you've installed, open a new tab to access Chrome's New Tab Page. If you use apps more than Web pages, you can also adjust your Chrome options to set the New Tab Page as your home page.


Which Chrome browser feature lets you browse without storing browsing history or saving cookies?

Open a new incognito window from the Settings menu. You'll know you're in an incognito window because there's a silhouette of a person in a trench coat and fedora to the left of the row of tabs.


Which of the following is an advantage of Chrome separating tasks out into separate processes?

Chrome uses about the same or slightly more processing power than other browsers, and there's definitely a need for processes that manage the browser itself and all the other processes. Being able to kill of a process without crashing the entire browser, though, is a big gain thanks to those small sacrifices.


Chrome's speed boost over other browsers comes from its super-fast JavaScript engine. What's the engine's name?

With the boost Chrome is enjoying from its JavaScript engine, now other browsers are probably wishing they had a V8!


True or false: The Chrome OS and Chrome browser are working toward completely different goals.

Both Chrome OS and the Chrome browser are aiming to be the main interface for all your day-to-day computer activities. This includes anything you already do on the Web plus any applications that you could use just as easily inside your Web browser as on your computer's desktop.


To view the full background image for your Chrome browser theme, what should you do?

Typically, the only time you can see the full background image associated with your Chrome browser theme is when you're looking at the New Tab Page. To view this page, simply click the button that opens a new tab. (Keyboard shortcut for a new tab: press Control+T in Windows or Command+T in Mac.)


What is WebKit?

WebKit is an open source Web browser engine as well as the framework used by the Safari Web browser and several other Mac OS X applications.


What in-house creation did Google use as a programming interface for Chrome before making the shift to HTML5?

Gears is a browser plug-in that Google touts as a tool "to create a richer platform for Web applications." Web developers can use Gears to customize content for individual users. Both Google Docs and Google Reader make use of Gears, but many non-Google sites have incorporated it into their programming.


True or false: Many Web sites have been slow to add the Chrome browser to their browser compatibility tests.

When Chrome was new in 2008-09, it didn't make sense for Web sites to do any extensive compatibility testing in the Chrome browser. Now that the browser has more than a fourth of the browser market, Web developers are gradually adding Chrome to their lists of priority browsers to test.


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