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In today's high-paced financial market, information moves at the speed of light. Many investors want instant access and up-to-the-minute reports. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this exciting product.

In what year did Google Finance debut?

Google first added this Web site to its arsenal in 1996.


Which of these is the main purpose of Google Finance?

Google Finance is mainly used to manage stock portfolios and investments. It can also be used to research general market information and strategy.


Where should you go to access Google Finance?

Google Finance is a free Web site. Simply open your Internet browser and go to There is also a smart-phone application available.


Which of these are Google Finance's two biggest competitors?

The two leading financial Web sites are Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money.


How does Google Finance differ from its competitors?

Unlike Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money, Google Finance does not carry any advertisements.


To use Google Finance you must first open which of these?

Although Google Finance is a free product, you must sign up for a Google account to use it. This account is also free.


If you already have a Google account, how do you access Google Finance?

One Google account will suffice. Simply open Google Finance, sign in to your Gmail or other Google account, and you're ready to start.


How does Google Finance access your portfolio information?

You enter your portfolio information by hand, and set your preferences. From that point on the process is automated.


In which year did Google Finance release its smart phone application?

Smart phones provide ready access to the Internet. In 2008 Google Finance released its first smart phone application.


What are the two basic modes you can use when viewing your portfolio on Google Finance?

There are two basic modes: Overview and Fundamentals. Overview mode offers all of the basic investment information, while Fundamentals mode provides a detailed report on the stock and its history.


Which of these viewing modes will provide you with earnings per share (EPS) data?

EPS is one of the many details you will find in the Fundamentals mode.


What should you do if you want your information in a different currency?

You can always adjust your Google Finance settings and information, including the currency in which the reports appear. Simply click on Edit Portfolio, and follow the prompts.


How do you acquire data from other Internet portfolio managers?

If you already use a financial Web site to manage your portfolio you can import your data to Google Finance by using the Import link.


The community guidelines of Google Finance forbid which of the following?

Before posting comments on Google Finance's community page you must agree not to post any spam.


What is the approximate time delay on financial data reported by Google Finance?

Most Web sites, including Google Finance, have a data time delay of about 20 minutes.


How do you use Google Finance to access information about a particular company?

Google Finance allows you to access information about a company via its search tool. Input the name or symbol of the company, click the link that appears, and Google Finance will take you to that company's data page.


Approximately how many sources does Google News compile for comparison with Google Finance charts?

Google Finance charts are correlated with reports from Google News, which draws from more than 4,500 sources.


What period of time is covered by Google Finance's Zoom feature?

When looking at a particular stock using the Zoom feature, Google Finance allows you to focus on as little as one day, or to go back a full 10 years.


Which of these features must you have on your computer in order to use Google Finance?

Many charts, videos, and other visual data require Adobe Flash Player. It's a free plug-in, and is very easy to download.


How do you use Google Finance to create spreadsheets?

Google Finance allows you to download information directly onto a spreadsheet.


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