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Today, GPS tracking devices give us the ability to follow our kids' movements in realtime on our smartphones and computers, but does that mean we should? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of GPS trackers for kids.

In 2005, a Japanese company stirred up controversy by embedding GPS tracking devices into what children's item?

Japanese school blazer manufacturer Ogo-Sangyo started a debate about parenting limits when the company stitched GPS trackers and panic alarms into its uniforms.


What do the letters GPS stand for?

The global positioning system is a satellite navigation system capable of providing location information anywhere in the world.


True or false: It is illegal to use a GPS device to track your teenager without his or her knowledge.

While U.S. courts typically uphold parents' rights to exercise control over their children, placing your teen under surveillance probably isn't the best recipe for parent/child bonding.


How many satellites make up the global positioning system?

While there are currently 31 operational positioning satellites in the GPS network, it takes just 24 orbiting satellites to track our every move down here on planet Earth.


What is a "geo-fence"?

Retailers may use geo-fencing to send a coupon to your phone when you walk past their storefront; parents can use it to receive an alert when a child leaves a predefined perimeter.


What percent of abducted children are taken by a complete stranger?

According to The Nemours Foundation, just 25 percent of abducted children are kidnapped by a stranger. The rest are taken by a family member or other acquaintance.


According to the description on its Web site, the Livewire FastTrac Ultra-Covert GPS Tracking Device (try fitting that on a billboard!) is accurate to what distance?

If its marketing claims are to be believed, this high-end GPS tracker can pinpoint your teen's location to within 8 inches.


When was the first GPS satellite launched?

The U.S. military launched its first GPS satellite in 1978. The full contingent of 24 satellites was completed in 1994.


Who pays for GPS service?

Not only do U.S. taxpayers pay monthly fees to wireless carriers, they also foot the bill for the GPS program itself, which is budgeted through the Department of Defense.


What is one way that radio frequency (RF) transmitters differ from GPS trackers?

RF transmitters are small, light and have a long battery life, but they require multiple receivers to calculate location, and they are limited to a shorter range than a GPS.


Which of the following is a popular RF transmission system for helping to track children who are at risk for wandering away from their caretakers?

With Project Lifesaver, at-risk children are assigned a numbered transmitter, worn as a bracelet around the wrist. Local authorities have the receivers, which are used to track the child in the event that he or she goes missing.


The Livewire FastTrac Ultra-Covert GPS Tracking Device transmits the location and speed of your car to with an accuracy of up to 8 inches and 1/4 mile per hour, respectively. But how much does it cost?

Covert surveillance doesn't come cheap. This high-end GPS tracker retails for $950, with sale prices listed at $699 and up. And that doesn't include monthly fees for data storage and transmission!


What service will you need to subscribe to if you hope to track your teen through his or her iPhone?

You'll need to sign up for MobileMe if you want to remotely track your teen's iPhone. Of course, the service only works if your child has his phone with him -- and it's turned on.


What tracking device took first place in GPSmagazine's 2010 Child Tracking GPS Buyer's Guide?

LiveViewGPS PT-10 ($399 + $39.95/month) took the top spot, but the runner up was a $49 device called the Little Buddy.


What is the battery life of a typical GPS tracker?

Different models vary, of course, but the average life of a single charge is about two to three days.


True or false: The well-known travel services company AAA offers GPS tracking devices free of charge to members who have teen drivers insured through AAA.

AAA offers its OnBoard GPS system free of charge to the teen drivers it insures. The organization is betting that teens will take fewer risks if they know they are being watched.


What is the marketing slogan for the SPOT Satellite Messenger GPS system, a tracking device geared toward outdoor adventurers?

The makers of the SPOT messenger hope that you will take your device on your next adventure and "live to tell about it."


What move by the U.S. government in the year 2000 marked a milestone in GPS applications for civilians worldwide?

In May 2000, President Bill Clinton directed the Department of Defense to turn off GPS Selective Availability (SA), which had intentionally degraded public signals for national security reasons.


Who is responsible for maintaining our "constellation" of GPS satellites?

The U.S. Air Force is responsible for ensuring the availability of at least 24 GPS satellites, 95 percent of the time.


What developmental disorder gives children the tendency to run or wander away from adult supervision?

Children (and adults) with autism frequently slip away from their caregivers, making GPS trackers particularly beneficial for families affected by the disorder.


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