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Located in Northwestern Arizona, the Grand Canyon can truly be considered one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. Join us in an unforgettable journey there by taking this quiz.

When was the Grand Canyon National Park established?

It was established in 1919.


Where is the park located?

It is situated in Northwestern Arizona.


What is the size of this park?

This park covers an area of 1,218,375 acres


How many visitors does the Grand Canyon attract annually?

About five million people visit every year.


What are the South Rim and the North Rim ?

These are the two distinct Grand Canyons, situated about 12 miles apart.


Which is the taller of the two?

The North Rim is some 1,000 feet (305 meters) higher.


Which is the more accessible?

The South Rim is directly accessible from Interstate 40 and Flagstaff.


What percentage of visitors go to the more popular site?

Roughly 90 percent visit the South Rim, which is considered to be more impressive.


When is the North Rim closed?

Snow closes the roads from early fall to early spring.


Where would be the best place to enjoy views of Kanab Plateau and the volcanic Pine/Uncared Mountains?

Tuweep is the ideal location.


Where would you head for the best panoramic views of the canyon, the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch?

This would be the Yavapai Observation Station.


How many major rapids are there along the Colorado River in the area of the Grand Canyon?

There are some 140 major rapids.


Who was John Wesley Powell?

He was a U.S. Army surveyor and the first modern explorer, whose journals are still used by modern river travelers as guides.


Who was the first European to visit the area?

Spanish explorer Francisco Vásquez de Coronado explored the area about 1540.


When did sightseeing trips into the canyon begin?

They began in the 1880s.


Who led these first trips?

A prospector by the name of John Hance led these first trips.


What did the Native Americans believe about the canyon?

They believed it was a path to "the land beyond death."


What did Norman Maclean call the canyon?

He called it the basement of time.


According to researchers, when did the Colorado River begin to cut through the upper layers of rock?

They believe this process began about six million years ago.


How high is the South Rim?

The South Rim is 7,000 feet (2,135 meters) high.


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