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It's enough to make Batman sigh with envy -- graphic novels are the big boys of comic books, grappling with the human experience in ways the Caped Crusader could only dream of. How much do you know about the art of graphic novels?

In the comic book world, what's a trade book made up of?

You can't stop with just one! In a trade book, you can read multiple issues of a series at once because they're bound into a single volume.


How are graphic novels different from comic books?

Length is key in comics. Comic books are generally much shorter than graphic novels.


Which movie is based on a graphic novel?

Is it time for your last rites yet? The 2011 film "Priest" is based on a Korean comic.


What kind of art form is a graphic novel?

Panels, gutters and drawings are all part of the process of reading a graphic novel, but you have to absorb this kind of art in proper sequence for it to make sense.


What was one of the first comics to be named a graphic novel retroactively?

So be it!"A Contract with God" wasn't called a graphic novel when it was first published in 1978, but subsequent editions were labeled with the phrase.


What sort of subjects do graphic novels explore?

Is Superman going to save the world again? A graphic novel might go there, but more likely, these works will explore deeper life issues than superhero clichés.


Why do some graphic novel fans take offense when people call the novels comic books?

I prefer the term graphic literature, thank you very much. It's not just snootiness -- by using the term "graphic novels," some people hope to dodge comic book stereotypes.


Graphic novels bear many hallmarks of comic books, including which elements?

BAM! POW! ZING! In addition to dynamic color and drawings, graphic novels often use "special effects" balloons to emphasize action or drama.


How are comix different from comics?

Don't be a rebel without a comix. Comix are the rebellious style of comics born during the culture wars of the 1960s.


Some academics who study graphic novels say that these kinds of books should be considered what?

It's like a song for your eyes! Well, not really. Graphic novels are a form of sequential art that deserve their own category, according to some people.


How many writers does it take to create a graphic novel?

They go solo, sort of. Writers usually do the writing alone, but they're just one part of the creative team that makes graphic novels.


What role do inkers play in graphic novel creation?

And they never get any respect. Inkers follow up on the pencilers' drawings by shading and erasing parts of the original sketches.


Why do some students with learning disabilities like dyslexia have an easier time reading graphic novels than traditional books?

If only college textbooks had illustrations on every page. Struggling readers often pick up on the interplay between words and graphics to comprehend the storyline more completely.


During the development of graphic novels, what do colorists do?

But be sure to stay inside the lines! Colorists imbue drawings with the hues that add a certain mood to the comic environment.


What was the purpose of the Comics Code Authority?

Would you like to see my badge? The Authority was a way for comic book publishers to reassure the public that comics wouldn't corrupt their kids.


These days, school librarians often do what with graphic novels?

Just make sure you don't call them comic books! Many librarians are strong advocates for including powerful, literary graphic novels in their libraries.


Why do many fans of graphic novels abhor Hollywood movies based on these books?

Just as devotees of any artistic work are naturally critical of screen adaptations, fans of graphic novels rarely feel that the world they envisioned as readers is properly represented by filmmakers.


How has the Internet changed the way we read graphic novels?

Tree huggers, unite! Paperless graphic novels are all the rage, and many of them are available online, free of charge.


How do letterers fit into the making of a graphic novel?

Letterers artfully create the text that appears in graphic novels.


Why do some people dislike the term graphic novel?

Everybody’s a critic. Some folks don’t like the term "graphic novel" because they believe it feeds into the stereotype that comic books are "low art," whereas graphic novels are supposedly "high art" (and not comic books at all).


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